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Friday, 30 November 2012

December cometh with a festive challenge

Ho Ho Helloooooooo there from the bears, who are beginning to feel a lot like celebrating the season that is Christmas. That means our literary challenge this month is based on our most favourite ever Christmas book, strangely enough also by our very favourite author; the esteemed Charles Dickens. The book, you may have guessed, is A Christmas Carol.

We love everything about this book, the initial depiction of Scrooge as a miser, trying to quash not only the spirit of Christmas, but the spirits of those around him, namely his hard working clerk, Bob Cratchit, who refuses to be repressed despite working in such awful surroundings. We also love the journey Scrooge embarks on with various ghosts, and the way he learns what true Christmas spirit means, and of course, the end of the book, where he overcomes his curmudgeonly character to become a more giving person, after being visited by the ghosts of first Marley, then Christmas past, present and future.

Every year, as well as reading A Christmas Carol, the bears watch the musical of Scrooge with their cub, whilst wapping Christmas presents, a tradition loved and enjoyed each year. This year, the cub is coming over to help with Christmas decorating, and some mince pie eating no doubt.

On with the challenge, make any piece of art you desire, an ATC, art journal page, card, tag..... Anything.

Include in your creation one or more of the following:

A direct quote from A Christmas Carol, the book

Your depiction of one or more of the characters from the book

Illustrate the spirit of generosity, one of the themes of the book

Something you consider festive, inspired by the book


Your own project, not directly referencing the book, but inspired by its themes.

Alternatively, you could subvert the theme entirely, and go with the depiction of Scrooge at the start of the book, mean and miserly, the choice is yours.

The Rules

Please leave a link to your project, and a comment once you have linked, so we know to come and find you.

Please try to visit any other participants, as it makes it much more fun to share.

This is a just for fun challenge, as we often have friends and family joining, and feel it wouldn't be right to pick them as winners, or, conversely, not pick them as winners!!

The most important rule - enjoy, this is a fun challenge, the idea is to take part and see what we all come up with.

Challenge will finish on 31st December, as long as the bears manage to stay sober enough on New Years Eve to produce a post that day!

Grab our challenge button and display it on your blog, maybe we'll welcome more people to the challenges that way, making it even more fun for all of us.

With love from the bears.


  1. Ooooo. I'm already thinking about this one. Not sure when I'll post (I've got a few plans for posts around the festive season). But this one will be fun.

  2. Bravo - another inspired challenge theme, bears! So sorry I didn't manage the last one, but I'll be rocking up for this...
    Alison xx

  3. Yet another apology from me for not joining in last month. I had it on my 'List', but then time rapidly ran out in the week before our holiday. This sounds like a fab theme(s), and I am sure that at least an ATC will be achievable (but do hope to do a journal page). Ali x

  4. I am first again :), I'm getting good at that lol x

  5. A very Beary Christmas to one and all. I have posted my Christmas Carol on the very day itself! look forward to seeing all the other entries.
    Love and stuff


  6. Woah !!! - Nearly forgot to post mine in :-)

    Happy New Year Bears xxxxxxxxxxx


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