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Thursday, 8 November 2012

We would like to thank.......

The bears have been nominated for an award

By the lovely AJ. Wilbear was insisting on writing an acceptance speech to rival anything you'd ever fallen asleep to at the academy awards, he even practised his heartfelt sob. Horace has been practising his autograph ever since learning of the award, Podgy is preening himself in the hope of being 'papped' when he steps outside the bear bungalow, so it's fallen to me, Pooh, to graciously accept the award, I'm a seasoned pro at the fame game, and take it all in my stride.

As soon as I read of our award, I dressed ready for my acceptance photo, it was still rather dark in the bear bungalow so I grabbed a random top and bottom and just hoped they matched. I haven't had time to look in the mirror but I'm sure I look the part.

Anyway, thank you to AJ for the nomination. So, why do we blog? Well it all started with the human who squats in our bungalow, she was an extremely active human, enjoying many exercise based activities, as well as working in her local library, and attending university. However, after becoming unwell and having to give up work, university and other outside activities, she took up crafting, and along with that blogging, as an outlet for her over-active brain. She had always enjoying writing, and began blogging her every day life, along with occasional craft experiments and baking exploits, and seemed to be enjoying her new hobbies.

But! Although the human attempted to write interesting posts, we thought we could do better, after all, a furry bear's life compared to your average human life? No contest!! So, we staged a coup, and took over the blog, forcing her out completely. She accepted defeat (un) graciously, and now looks on wistfully from her spot under the bed, where we keep her, squashed amongst the boxes of craft supplies, while we get to play, purchase products, post interesting blog articles, bake wondiferous foods in her kitchen, and generally have a high old time. Well it beats sitting around just looking cute as she used to insist we did.

Ooh, I need to nominate others for the award don't I?

Peapods because she's mad

Words and Pictures for her awesome inspiring work

Bearpuff as she hunts out lots of tutorials for us.

Hope no one minds the nominations, oh, and we love all the blogs we follow, but thought to nominate them all defeated the object a bit. :)

PS, Horace says, would anyone like a pawtograph?!!!

With love from the bears.


  1. What a wonderful response! I would have liked to hear Wilbear do his heartfelt sob. :)

  2. Love this - I am new to your blog and I think it is wonderful! Totally agree with you nominating 'words and pictures' - she ROCKS!!!! ;o) x

    1. Welcome, we love to see new bloggers. :)

  3. Congratulations, bears!!!

    Well done! A totally earned award!

    die amelie xx

  4. Congratulations on your award, bears... and I humbly and gratefully and with great honour accept your nomination!! Thank you so much - and it's great to hear some more about your successful coup. I hope you occasionally share some of the wondiferous foods with your captive?!
    Alison xx

    1. Share? Well there's a new word, not sure what it means but it sounds kind of scary!!!

  5. Go Bears ! there's always a red carpet ready to be rolled out here for you ! We live in a bungalow & have a selection of furry bears, a piggy & alpaca - we will watch very closely for the hint of a coup looming ! Well done on your award - I always love catching up with your antics !! Love Ali PS Love to your human too - hope she occasionally gets a look in with the inks & painty stuff ! xx

  6. Ascuse me! Mad? MAD?!! How very rude you bears! Thank you for passing on the award and congrats to you too. Tis very well deserved and a fab blog indeedy!



  7. Well done indeed Bears! And how wise of you to nominate Words and Pictures - it's a constant delight.

    I love all you Bears - and I might even let one or two of your distant relatives creep into my dolls house museum in the Czech Republic.

    Now there's an idea - a house peopled by mini-bears....

    *Goes off to start collecting mini-bears to take up residence in one of the houses*

    1. We always wanted a dolls house populated by bears, alas, we don't have the room in the bungalow.


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