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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

WOYWW - C word!!! (And an update on Mr. Headly)

Hello, what's brought you here then? what? Wednesday already??? Goodness, it's a good job I happen to be sitting at the desk for your visit then isn't it?

No idea what on earth I'm on about? Click a paw here and you'll become addicted to the wonderful world that is What's on your Workdesk Wednesday, a Crafters' guilty Wednesday pleasure, hosted by Julia.

On the bears' desk this week is the dreaded C word. Oh yes, Christmas card making becomes a mad frenzy at this time of year. How come, no matter how early you start, you still find yourself with a deficit of cards come November?

Anyway, here I am, in the contemplation stage, with the cards we've already made to the right slowly piling up, stash to the left seemingly never going down, and patterned papers galore filling the rest of the desk.

This year, we're determined to use some of these

on our cards. We've had them for so long, we've absolutely no idea where we bought them.

No matter how organised we start off, we always end up crafting on top of our stash! No wonder our paper doesn't always cut straight, the cutter is often piled on top of stash mountain and becomes rather unstable.

Below is my half made card, the trees have featured in our christmas card-making stash for several years too. I wonder if anyone gets the same card two years running? I wonder- would they actually remember which card they received in previous years? Hmmm.

Anyway, I must be off, as it's time to have a sneak peek at a desk or two, or three, or four.....

.....oh, before I go, some of you were concerned about Mr. Headly. Well, he's back from the doctbear, but he looks a little different. I just can't put my paw on what's changed though?

With love from the bears.


  1. Ohhh, Mr Headly looks like he needs an extra big hug (and an night off the booze!!!) No, no, I'm sure bears are tee total really? Good luck with the Christmas card production run. May those cheerful reindeer be on their was to happy homes soon. Happy WOYWW, hugs Butttons #64

  2. Yo bears!You beat me to it this week. :) That's a hello from Smiley pot! Your cards look fab - I still have tons to do. Is Mr Headly OK? Please give him a hug. Happy Wednesday.
    Sue x (MiniOwner@85)

  3. Oh poor Mr Headly....what has he been up to? Have a feeling he won't be card making any time soon.
    A x #74

  4. Hey bears... it looks to me as though Mr Headly could be at the start of a glittering new career as a contortionist! Great work on the Christmas card pile... and I'm sure you wouldn't really want your stash pile to get smaller, would you?! Thanks so much for your visit and happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  5. Christmas Cards look great. Love the reindeer head, wherever you got them from. Poor mr headley
    FAMFA (19)

  6. Happy WOYWW, especially to Mr Headley - he must be quite sore in that position. My Xmas cardmaking (note it then starts with X !!) seems to have ground to a halt. I posted the first one yesterday (to the US) and wrote my list out - definitely haven't got enough to go round! I should be crafting today, but pain (in my right arm annoyingly) has stopped me (plus a visit by the builders), so I am watching crafting on tv instead (and treated myself to a foiling machine - I can foil a teddy design for you!). Have a lovely week - and I promise to get an entry for your challenge done before we go on holiday. Ali x #71

    1. That would be fabulous if you could. Hope your pain improves soon. We suffer from the same as you so have every sympathy. Xx

  7. Thanks for visiting me this week. What cute critters, I say use them ALL this year and you won't have to think about where and when you go them ever again! BJ#36

  8. Poor Mr Headly! Good luck with your cards - I am making them today too. Helen, 3

  9. Oh, I know, there just is never enough time to get those Christmas cards done! Looks like you have a great start on yours. I am getting a few done myself. Hope you have lots of fun working with the reindeer....they are cute.
    Karen 115

  10. Oh Mr Headly what on earth has the doctbear done to you? Methinks he needs a trip to Specsavers! I have tons of stash to make c-word cards but no impetus to get them done!

  11. Hi Bears great to have you stop by earlier - looks like you have been busy bears with that big pile of cards already made! I sometimes end up with a wobbly stack under where I am trying to work -too much stash! Ali #58

  12. Your cards are looking good! Better than poor Mr. Headley! Oh my he needs an adjustment. Hugs to bears! Nan 103 p.s. I've almost depleted my C stash! yippee!!!

  13. Poor Mr Headley, think he might have a frozen shoulder or something. Keep him warm and get some clothes on him to help. He needs a pullover quickly. Then he might be able to help with those lovely "C" cards.
    Hugs, Neet15 xx (who is playing catch up after internet went on a silly yesterday)

  14. sorry Im very late with my WOYWW visits ,I had no time to visit anyone yesterday.poor Mr headley doesn't look so good !!!will he be ok? as for the card making I love christmas and mines are all finished im still in shock!!!... loving those reindeer's they are going to be so cute on cards...keep up the good work bears until next time sending hugs x #60

  15. Seems like the doctbear was having a bad bear day, when he treated Mr. Headley... hope, he will be (much) better soon!

    Still waiting for my X-mas-cards-crafting-impulse though... your cards look really gorgeous! Well done, bears!

    die amelie

  16. Oh dear, Mr. Headly!

    You know, dear bears, I'm wondering if I missed your post last week--will have to have a peek!

    #121ish this week


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