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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

WOYWW - A Jumble of Stuff

Hello there WOYWWers and anyone else who has wandered in to The House of Bears this week. For those not familiar with WOYWW, the acronym stands for What's on your Workspace Wednesday, and it provides a chance for nosey crafty minded individuals to have a peek at desks all over the world, courtesy of the lovely host Julia at Stamping Ground.

So, this week on the bears work desk? A jumble of stuff, hosted by Horace. I've just finished a doodle in my personal journal -

As you can see, I was having one of my less confident days, but the page also reflects the fact that I really cannot draw to save my furry little life. I do wish I could, but thank goodness for rubber stamps and Internet images or I'd never get half the furry thoughts that crowd my mind onto paper. My doodle is all paw drawn, but if i'd attempted anything but a heart or flower you would now be scratching your furry heads trying to work out what on earth I'd drawn.

Also on the desk are 3 fab new distress stains, which were on offer, 3 for £10 from Craft Superstore. Despite having no pocket money left, and being on a stash buying ban till after Christmas, Podgy purloined Wilbear's credit card and treated us to these. Just wait till the bill comes in, Wilbear will be hopping mad!!!

To the left of the desk is some patterned paper that came free with a magazine, I can't actually remember which one now, as we had a cull and kept the paper but recycled the magazine.

Ditto all these craft ideas, which have been ripped from various craft mags, ready to try out the techniques. Our magazine rack was overflowing, so we perused the pages and kept the ideas we thought we would attempt.

This is the area above the right of the corner desk, Cricut cartridges and two old Coffee Mate tins we decorated, which we now keep our ribbons in. Also, the fancy shelf supports double up as handy tag holders

We keep the decorated tags to the front, ready to use on any projects we may be working on, and the plain tags to the back. Aren't book rings handy for hanging things from? We've also hung up various adhesives on the shelf supports.

This is our inspawration board, full of paw made tags, and cards and ATCs from friends. We love looking at it as we craft. It adds a bit of colour to our lives.

These tags are to the right hand side, they're misted or inked, but not decorated fully, I've been wiping my excess ink on the blue tag to the front for my last two projects, it makes for an interesting effect, and saves wiping my paws accidentally down my furry front!

This is our as yet (5 years now) undecorated MDF storage unit, it really needs to be painted or decorated, or something. Maybe a cream base with some patterned papers on the drawer fronts? Our culled magazine rack nestles beside it with our Sharpie and other pens in our recycling bin pen pot, which we came across at our uni Freshers' fair. You can just spy the Cricut to the left of the pic, if you squint a bit and hold your head at an odd angle!

That's about it for our desk tour this week. Short and sweet it's not, sorry, the bears just love to waffle! We don't get out much to talk to people so enjoy conversing here instead!! :)

We're off for a craft desk peek, TTFN. Xxx

With love from the bears.


  1. It's slightly ironic, Horace, that in your brave journal page stating that you're unhappy with your own work - you've created a real work of art... the b&w is such a bold, strong reflection of your unhappy thinking (and thinking is all it is, remember), and I think your doodling is amazing. I don't dare even try... Love your book ring storage - very clever, and I don't blame you for giving in to the new Distress Stains. My credit cards are hurting quite a lot at the moment!! Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  2. And why exactly do you hate your own art, Horace? It looks amazing to me. Another convert to Distress Stains here bears. Love them. :0) Happy Wednesday.
    Sue x (MiniOwner@41)

  3. Well well well Horace, your page is wonderful! The nice thing about doodles is there is no right or wrong. Well done. As to the purloining of the CC to get those stains, sometimes a bear just has to do what has to be done; especially for those fab colours. You've also got some nifty storage too. Hope you bears have a great week.

  4. sorry Horace you dont love your work ..you are very critical and need confidence your ace. I think its fab, and its was great to see around your crafty space and all the neat ideas ,cant wait to see your next craft endeavours. Love to all the bears,maybe you might like to hop over to my blog when you have the time and meet my new 'rescued friend' ..have a wonderful week x #63

  5. Well Horace I have to say it all looks pretty good to me. :-)
    A x #42
    ps thanks for liking me :-)

  6. I love your doodles. E are so critical of our own art. It's grat. Keep it up.
    FAMFA 95

  7. Oooh lots going on here today! enjoy playing with the new stains and I think your drawing in the journal looks fabulous. I too have one of those Ikea boxes also not covered - one day eh! Thanks for sharing and visiting me - Sunshine Girl No. 25

  8. I don't hate my own art but I am always shy and nervous about showing it to people that aren't crafty enough to understand what I do. The fact that you have the patience to zentangle impresses me as I cannot....or will not...sit and do that tiny doodling over and over! Thanks for the tour of your room! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  9. You are a very organised cuddle of bears (not sure what the right name is for a group of you but that seemed most appropriate). Here's hoping you don't have many days where you doubt your own abilities. You really are very clever bears. Hugs, Buttons #43

  10. Hiya Bears ! It's spooky how much your place is like mine - the freebie papers from magazines long recycled, the ripped out pages to use to inspire projects (really MUST put them in a ring binder) - oh and the tiny extra bit of stash shopping when I promised no more after the NEC !!!! Doodle & be proud - what does it matter if we can see what it is - as long as you like it - didn't sop people thinking Pawcasso was a genius when he drew wonky stuff !!! Loved seeing all your tags made & ready ... maybe that needs to be found in my house too !!! Hugs Ali x 24

  11. Thanks for showing such great storage ideas! I l-o-v-e your doodles by the way! Chris70

  12. Oh Horace, you art is beautiful, don't think it's not. Thanks for the tour around your room.
    Have a great Christmas and New Year, see you all in 2013.
    Von #66

  13. Think we are all over-critical of our own art, I know I am, but I love your doodles, not something I do at all, unless I'm on the phone and then I draw hearts - lots of hearts.

    Thanks for visiting yesterday and I'm sorry I've only just got round - been finishing one of the boxes on my desk - will blog it later.

    Ann B

  14. Lovely!!! I adore the inspawration board! I have something similar (everything has been made by Butterfly and I look to it for help when I run out of ideas) Happy WOYWW Laura xxx

  15. I love the black & white artwork, and your tag board is fabulous!I do exactly the same with magazines as you do. I used to keep the whole magazine, but the storage was getting ridiculous. And I realised that maybe half the magazine was advertising of one sort or another, so now I just keep the pages that interest me, and store them in a ringbinder, in page protectors. Much better. Have a great week guys, Shaz #98


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