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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A Bear Makes a Birthday Card

Good evening Blogland. I've finally wrested the ipaw from Horace, who is a bit of a bloghog, so I can make a much needed 25th birthday card for a bear in law. The bear in law in question likes Alice in Wonderland, but as it's a boybear in law, the card needed to also be masculine in design. I found a great White Rabbit image, and some corresponding patterned papers...

I started by cutting a background to fit the card base.

Then cut my rabbit image

I needed some numbers and letters to add a personal touch to the card, so I sorted through the bears' stash, and found these.

I formed a frame for my rabbit, and added some 3d double sided foam stickers to the back of this.

A 3d effect adds a little interest to cards in my ponderous panda opinion

Here's my finished card, i added the number 25 to the rabbit's scroll, as if he was about to announce the special birthday.

I also added our recipients name to the bottom of the card. I do enjoy making personalised cards.

It feels like there's something on my nose, there's not, is there?

With love from the bears.


  1. Well did I fall through the looking glass or down the rabbit hole ?! You bears are always so busy crafting !! I get very jealous ! Great fun card - hope the bear-in-law is smiling like the Cheshire cat when he gets it !! Ali xx

  2. Great work - and that's some pretty impressive fussy cutting with furry paws like yours! Love the card design, fabulous vivid papers, and the White Rabbit looks perfect in the setting you've created... lucky bear-in-law!
    Alison x
    (Oh, and you might want to check in the mirror...)

  3. AH I opened this whilst said receipt was standing nearby, luckily I managed to close it before nosey got a look in!
    Really good card by the way Podgy and no you don't appear to have anything on your nose :) xx


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