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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Cedric's First craft Creation

Hello there, well last night the bears had a secret vote, and I was unanimously voted in to stay at The House of Bears. Hooray, and to celebrate, the other bears said I can have a go at crafting. I thought I'd start with a scrapbook page of a country fair I attended last year.

I decided to cut a piece of patterned paper into a circular shape. The paper was double sided, which left some handy strips of co ordinating paper to use on my page.

I found some chipboard circles in the bears' stash, which I inked in Mustard, Broken China, and Barn door distress inks.

I then moved to the kitchen, as I wanted to use Dylusions mists, and didn't want to ruin my newly painted bedroom walls.

I sprayed through a Dylusions mask to create a circle effect.

My mask was still very wet, so I splodged the negative onto the bears' art journal to make a ready made background.

The bears suggest always wiping misty masks, inks and so on, onto a spare page in your journal, as it creates such interesting effects, and acts as a base for your next art project.

I glued my inked chipboard circles onto my misted page, took a look at it, decided I hated it, and ripped them all off in a little bear tantrum.

Once I'd finished sulking, I decided to start again with a new base! I punched my leftover strip of co ordinating patterned paper, by sitting on the lever. This works very well, and doesn't strain your paws.

I needed some glue to adhere everything to the page, the bears have a whole drawer full so I took my time choosing some.

Horace suggested that I took some time to consider the placement of my photos and paper, hmmm.


Oh dear

Horace became a little exasperated, and decided to help me out.

I was advised to add some paw-writing to my page, to make it more personal to me.

Here we are with my finished page. Crows Hall fair, where there was an archery demonstration. The organisers wouldn't let bears participate, they said the bows were too big for paws. I took a photo of a human having a go instead. He scored a bullseye on his first attempt!

I think I could enjoy living here, especially if I'm allowed to craft agin rather than constant decorating.

With love from the bears.


  1. What excellent news that you're staying! I'm sure your craft skills will come in very handy in the future.

  2. Way to go Cedric! Congratulations on your unanimous vote (I should think so too!), and on your first layout... We all have those tantrum moments, believe me - it's especially frustrating when something goes wrong after you've spent ages stamping a long quotation letter by letter - yes, I speak from bitter experience, only this morning!! Have a wonderful weekend, bears.
    Alison x

  3. Hi Cedric ! So glad you are staying - looking forward to seeing more of your projects in future ! Ali x

  4. Cedric - I think your furry face is particularly cute and your very first project is brilliant. You are very clever to cope with inks and glue. Do you wear gloves (or paw covers) when handling these? I always end up getting them on my paws! I will be attempting my very first journal page or scrapbook layout this week as an entry to your monthly challenge, and your excellent attempt has given me the courage to 'give it a go'. Ali x

    1. Pooh bought us some lovely yellow rubber gloves especially for messy crafting. We don't like to show them on our paws as we think they make us look silly.

  5. ps Your punching technique is brilliant.


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