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Friday, 2 November 2012

Podgy's Smudgy Antics

Hello there, after missing the last challenge at Smudgy Antics, I thought I'd make an early start on the new challenge Ghouls' Night Out

What a fabulous theme. I wasn't sure what to do at first, but our friend found these flyers in the local shops, and brought them home for the bears, and my furry little brain began to whirr with ideas.

I thought I'd follow the theme literally, and make an art journal entry of ghouls getting ready for their night out. First, I cut the images from my flyers, and 'ghouled' them up a bit with my Spectrum Noir pens. I added make up to the main ghoul, Grizelda, and also drew a scar on her neck, to make her more gruesome.

I stamped and cut a mirror,which Grizelda is looking into, thinking to herself that she is beautiful.

But the mirror tells a different story, cracking as she looks into it. This effect was achieved with my Sharpie pen, and some zigzag lines paw-drawn by me.

Just to prove bears do make a mess, here I am mid-craft. What a jumble of ideas going on.

We keep a bag of ready cut words, so I sorted through to see if there was anything suitable for the ghouls' page.

On the right hand side of the page, I stamped some random images of handbags, shoes and perfume, all essential to a ghouls evening out.

Here I am holding my finished page. The story behind it is that Grizelda on the left has prettied herself up, her thought bubble shows that she thinks she is a beauty, but the mirror has cracked as she looked in it, and the mini ghoul to the bottom left is looking askance at her, she hides her own mirror to protect it from breaking in shock.

The righthand side shows two shocked ghouls to top of the picture, they are hiding to the side of the evening's venue, shocked at Grizelda's misplaced vanity. Grizelda's best friends on the far right (middle) are offering her handbags, shoes and gloves, telling her that if she just takes these, they will enhance her beauty, and she will be ready to go out.

Here's a close up of the lefthand side. I stamped a cracked effect background stamp over the page, to add to the idea that the mirror has shattered.

And a close up of the righthand side.

I had such a fun evening playing with ideas and creating this page. Thank you so much to Smudgy Antics for setting such a great challenge.

With love from the bears.


  1. Great collaging pages, Podgy - love your "re-purposing" of the puppet flyers - puppets always spook me, so I think they make perfect ghouls!! Love the mirror crack'd from side to side too...
    Alison x

  2. Podgy - you are such a clever bear. Fantastic re-use of the flyers. Ali x

  3. Very creative and well-crafted! I love the story you tell with the images. Fabulous art journal page! Thanks for playing with Smudgy Antics this week :)

  4. Great page! fun and creative. Thank you for playing at Smudgy Antics this week!

  5. Absolutely fabulous - love the story behind it and this is a fantastic make. :-) Thank you for joining us at Smudgy Antics :-D x

  6. Love your collage it is giorgeous. Thanks for sharing at smudgy antics

  7. how wonderful! So many wonderful things to look at. Thank you for sharing with us at Smudgy Antics xx

  8. Fab art journal and wonderful story telling..puppets..cloth ghouls definitely.Thank you for sharing and playing with us at smudgy antics.
    susan s.

  9. Bears are obviously extremely good at art journalling.
    I love the story.... i dont look in mirrors either in case i break them .... beautifully made double page spread.... wonderful.
    Thanks for joining us at SMUDGY ANTICS this week.

  10. I had to come back and re-read all this to do it justice. Love the journal pages and the theme so fits the challenge. Thanks for playing with Smudgy Antics this week :)


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