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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Wilbear's Winter Warmer

Evening all. Wilbear here today. Aren't the evenings turning chilly lately? If you need something to warm your fur, maybe you'd like this recipe I've just made for our supper? Yummy vegetable soup.

First I foraged through the fridge, to see what veg was available

I found one and a half carrots, a parsnip and half a swede, oh and half an onion. Perfect soup ingredients.

First I peeled

and chopped my veg, attempting to cut everything into similar sized cubes, to enable even cooking.

I then added 3 of these

To half a litre of boiling water.

I brought the stock to the boil on the hob, then added the veg, I then simmered it all for about 25 minutes, until all the vegetables were soft.

Once the veg was suitably soft, I added half the veg, but all of the stock, to the liquidiser.

If you like a smooth soup, you can add the complete contents of your pan to the liquidiser. Bears like chunks to chomp on, that's why I left half the veg in the pan.

Next, I whizzed up the contents of the liquidiser, I found it was best to use the pulse setting for this stage.

Once my mix was smooth, I added the soup back to the pan, and mixed through the chunky vegetables. My soup seemed a little thick, so I added more stock, until the consistency was more to my liking. I prefer soup to gloop! I added some white pepper, and a little paprika, for a bit of a zing, but you can add any herbs or seasoning to your taste.

Finally, I Served my soup in a pre warmed bowl, with toast. Mmm, enjoy, I did.

With love from the bears.

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  1. Oh yum. Definitely comfort food weather.hope your not too exhausted after all that foraging.


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