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Friday, 19 October 2012

Pooh Tries a Texture Technique

Hello there to our lovely visitors, old and new, how lovely of you to pad your paws this way to see what the bears are up to.
You may know that we have a bit of a magazine habit here at The House of Bears, but Wilbear was grumbling that we never try out any of the techniques in them, and threatened to stop our pawcket money if we didn't try at least one idea a month. So, I hot-pawed it to the bears' desk to peruse magazines for ideas, and found this idea for textured backgrounds, using Gesso, in November's Craft Stamper magazine.

For those of you who are Craft Stamper-less. I shall show you my interpretation of the project. CS showed a Christmas themed project, but I thought, seeing as it's October, I would utilise our Spooky stamps, and try a Halloween theme.
First, I cut two squares of scary orange card to 4"x4" - oooh look, can you spot my furry shadow on the card? Spoooooooky!

But not as spooky as my Pumpkin costume; well, a Halloween project called for a Halloween outfit!

Back to my how to -although if you wish, you can follow my lead and change into something that matches your individual project, in order to make it more meaningful- anyhow, next step, Gesso. I Gathered a large gloop of the stuff on a sponge applicator

And spread thickly on the two pieces of cut card.

I squidged (very technical term that) the two pieces of card together.

To achieve the maximum effect, I stood on my card sandwich, oooh squelchy!

Ugh, Gessoed slipper, maybe that wasn't my best idea.

(Once I'd wiped my slipper)
I carefully peeled the card apart to reveal two lovely textured pieces of card. Which then need to be left to dry overnight. Zzzzz

Next morning, still in the same clothes as the day before... The CS project suggests certain supplies, including water colour crayons; the bears don't possess a lot of craft stuff, as we gave our stash away in a fit of madness late last year, and are now rebuilding our craft Cupboards. We were lucky to have these chalk pastels donated to us by our fab friend, Florence, so I thought they would do the job just as well.

Now, a lot of commentators on the blog ask how come the bears have such clean paws despite getting very inky on occasion. Shall I let you into our secret? Rubber gloves!!! We've yet to find paw - sized gloves, so have to make do with the hand shaped variety!

With rubber glove on, I selected some chalks, (choose two or three coordinating colours,) mine were red, yellow, orange, and a bit of black, for added atmosphere.

With the chalks, I scribbled randomly on my gessoed card, gosh, I haven't coloured in such a random manner since I was a cub!

Next, I sprayed water liberally over the chalky design, and blended one colour into another.

This is why we don't have inky paws, we have inky gloves.

I had to leave the coloured and blended card to dry completely. This is what they looked like.

Ugh, I just looked in our mirror, and noticed Gesso on my furry face, can you spot it? What a messy bear, maybe I need a face mask for my next art project?

Next, I needed to add some decoration to my textured backgrounds. I chose a slightly lighter orange card

And some suitable stamps.

I stamped on my acrylic block, oops, I think I should have stamped the block, not stamped on the block! Oh well, it achieved the same outcome!

I randomly stamped my images directly onto the textured card for a background effect, and also by stamping onto card and cutting and sticking to the textured background for a more pronounced effect.

Here are my finished projects. I think that displaying them with me in the middle really lends my project that perfect finish.

But just in case you don't agree, here they are on the easel

I thought I'd enter into the following challenges with the picture below
Anything Goes
eerie Inspiration
Halloween or fall colours

Now, what can I use them for?
disclaimer the bears do not accept any responsibility for accidents occurring due to persons (or bears) following any of Pooh's more silly suggestions, IE, standing on your gessoed squares, or your acrylic blocks!!
With love from the bears.


  1. That's brilliant Pooh, as you know i had no sucess with this at all, i shall save my gesso for other things me thinks.

  2. Really made me smile, what a clever bear you are! Brilliant project, thanks for joining us at Fussy and Fancy xx

  3. Hurrah - it's my task to comment on all the 9s, and here you are, Bears! Fantastic work Pooh (and a great costume...). I love the texture you've created here, and the fabulous stamping. Thanks so much for joining us over at Fussy and Fancy!
    Alison x

  4. Hi Bears - great to see your new technique
    My friend Lynda & I have had a playday today & we have done some great crackle effects with squidging 2 gesso'd pages together - started as an accident but looked great !!
    Ali x

  5. So adorable!!!!! A beautiful creation - Pooh looks brilliant in his Halloween outfit!!!

    Heather xx
    Thanks so much for joining us with Simon Says Stamp challenge.

  6. I could "bearly" contain myself as I read your terrific post. You certainly are a clever bear and I love the texture you achieved on your sqaushy gesso piece. Totally impressed by your ability to create n rubber gloves.
    Thank you for joining in at Anything But A Card this time. :)

  7. Some great bearniques there - and great colours too! Well done on being such an adventurous bear, and trying new things out - fab job! :)

  8. This sure brought a smile to my face. Thanks for joining us at ABAC.

  9. Fabulous picture, I love the colours and texture and Pooh's outfit is so cute.
    Thanks for joining us at Simon Says Stamp
    hugs Mandy xx

  10. I might have to try this out, wasnt sure if our 'cheap' version of gesso would work but yours has turned out really well x

  11. Thank you so much Bears for such an interesting post! I love your pumpkin outfit too. I do hope all the gesso came off your fur - nasty stuff when it dries.
    Love the halloween art you've created. I've been wondering about trying that technique too. Great colours and images too.
    Thanks so much for sharing your art work with us at Anything But a Card Bears and I do hope you join us again soon.

  12. This whole post just made me smile!!! :) Thanks for joining us at Anything But a Card!!! :) :)

  13. Love your costume. Tell me, does your mummy make all your outfits?
    Hugs, Neet xx


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