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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Crop cake n craft

Hello there, today was crop, cake n craft day at The House of Bears and what a fun filled day it was. We set up the table early so that we were prepared. Podgy and Pooh were so excited they arrived before anyone else. Pooh had a look at the crop kit, while Podgy pondered what he could distress with ink.

Podgy decided he would rather scrapbook, so soon after the crop started they swapped places.

The day was such a success, bears ended up sharing their craft spaces.

Horace tried out the Cuttlebear machine.

Pooh had a little table slumber halfway through. Probably because he had been up so early in his excitement at the crafty day ahead.

The day was a success, and we will be hosting another craft day just as soon as we can persuade Wilbear to make some more of that delicious cake. He said it went so quickly he didn't even manage a slice for himself.

Here are a couple of tags we made today. They were a group effort, although Podgy says his special stamping technique is what makes them so fabulous.

With love from the bears 🐻


  1. Hi Bears - looks like you have had a fab day crafting ! Have you really eaten all that lovely cake ? After it took so long to make yesterday !
    Amaxing your tags are so lovely with all that butter cream filling on your paws !!

  2. I'm so jealous of your lovely crop day! I think you should host a beary cyber crop next time so I can join in!! lol xx

  3. Kim, I said we should have a Skype crop :D

    You bears brighten my day, always have a giggle at your antics. Poor old pooh, all too much for him.


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