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Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Well it's that time of the week again when we get to nose at the workspaces of crafty people (and bears) around the world. The idea came from Julia and the site can be found Here. Be sure to check out desks galore on her fab blog.

So, what's on the bears workspace this week? Let's take a look...

A mess, a real live mess, stamps galore, ink pads, acrylic blocks, a random easel that has absolutely nothing to do with the project we were working on.... The ubiquitous TV mag that's used for stamping, glueing, misting etc.

We decided it was time for another page in the bears' art journal, this time we really wanted a Circus/carnival theme, to fit with our new stamps that Florence had sent to us by Royal bearmail.
Out came said Circusy/carnival type stamps, along with most of the other stamps we pawsses. On the desk you see Paperartsy, Andy Skinner, Hotpicks and a few other makes, along with some red and green distress ink pads. We thought these had a circus feel about them.
After much inking and distressing of the blank journal page it was on with the stamping...
To produce this

The central theme was the excitement and thrill that comes with knowing the Circus is in town, and we tried to convey this with first the circus stamps, using the eye stamp as a roof for a billowing tent, this effect was achieved by printing an image of a tent from the Internet, then folding the paper to produce a flapping material effect. The eye image was printed and glued to the top to represent a fortune teller's tent, with the slogan 'all seeing, I can tell your future' to entice customers in. Down the side of the tent is the sentiment 'seduce' to depict the fortune teller trying to seduce punters into her lair.
Above the tent is another sentiment 'the eyes see everything'. Along with a stamp of a ticket, which has been inked and distressed. Several other ticket type stamps have had similar treatments to produce a used effect, as if the tickets have been used and discarded during the event.
To the top of the page we stamped a mystical lady, with a butterfly adorned on her body, this is to depict the 'freak show' side of the circuses of old, when people with various disfigurements were employed by the circus to draw crowds.
To the right hand side of the page are the rides found in an old style circus or fair; a carousel and a spiral slide, words used here are 'adventure' 'danger' 'attraction' and 'temptation'.
This page was such fun to do, all the various makes and themes of stamps we own seemed to combine to produce an overall effect of fear, excitement and the promise of thrills, just as you'd expect when visiting the circus.
Ttfn (time to find new blogs on WOYWW)
With love from the bears 🐻


  1. Your supplies look so inviting all laid out!
    Have a good week,

  2. This is stunning! I adore this pages and these stamps x

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  4. what a fab journal page :)
    happy woyww
    kay #35

  5. What a lovely, bright journal page. The colours are very inviting. It is a great sunshiny day here and your card made me instantly go check the weather!

  6. Lovely journal page, love the colours you have chosen.

    Happy WOYWW. TFS.

    Mikes Gal #64

  7. Lovely bright page there, gorgeous colours! Trish #55

  8. Your desk is very tidy again bears, can you make a mess? :) Lauren #91

  9. Well I dunno about mess, but your desk is looking good from here! And mission accomplished with the thrill of the circus, the page is fab!

  10. Hi Bears - thanks for stopping by earlier - love your journal page - great colours & a lot of thought gone into the use of the stamps - its great to play with stamps you have had for a while but don't get used very much = you've inspired me to do a themed page next ! Ali #97

  11. Hello Bears, how nice to meet you! So enjoying my first WOYWW - thank you for stopping by at Words and Pictures. Your circus project is brilliant - dynamic, dangerous, fabulous!
    Alison x

  12. Love the circus theme! I totally get the excitement and thrill of the circus from your project. I love the discarded tickets. They look so good and really make and impact. I think I can even smell the cotton candy. Thanks for the WOYWW visit and I'll see ya 'round the interwebs.

  13. Fab page love the colours and stamps you've used. Sorry I'm so late visiting. Anne x


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