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Friday, 6 July 2012

Dragonsdream Tag it on -Podgy's tags

Hello there, today I found a really great challenge blog, it's all to do with tags, which is fab as we're having a bit of a tag mad phase at the moment. The blog is http://dragon-dragonsdream.blogspot.co.uk/ and the challenge is in the form of a recipe, the recipe for this challenge is DON'T FEAR, oooh scarey. The ingredients are to work with a scary image, a crowd of purple and textures.

Well, scary images are subjective aren't they? So I decided to use what scares me most - BIRDS, eek, it's the wings, and the menacing looks they give as they cross my garden looking for dropped crumbs, not to mention their huge beaks which could probably peck a bear to pieces in minutes!

Anyway, back to the challenge....

First, the crowd of purple. I thought I'd struggle with this as we don't have much in the way of purple stash. Luckily I found this lovely glimmer mist.

Of course, for a tag challenge we need tags, pre made today although we do posses a lovely Sizzix tag die too.

Down to 'bears'ness. First I spritzed my tags with not only one crowd of purple, but about a football stadium full of crowded purple!

I then waited (im)patiently for the tags to dry. If you use mists, a good idea to make drying time whizz by is to either nap or munch!

Next I had to find a scary image

Eek, birds.

Stazon is a great ink for stamping over the top of mists, it also has the advantage of smelling almondy, mmm, food.

Next I stamped some mini images on a scrap of purple card.

And carefully cut them out, minding my delicate paws.

I glued the mini images to the decorated tag. I used one of the stamped mini birds as a mask, right hand corner of the tag

And stamped directly over the mask with more scary bird images.

Oh my goodness, i've just realised, I've been showing my pants!! How em'bear'rassing!

Ahem, back to the tags (once I've adjusted my trousers).

One scary bird tag, with crowds of purple.

Hmm, I forgot one ingredient- texture. I added some netting to one corner.

I also wanted to play with our new stamps

And I thought the clock headed person looked scary enough for this challenge. So, along with some more purple mini stamped and cut images,

I made this too.

What fun. I'm looking forward to the next challenge, that's if I can get back on here before any of the other pesky bears!

With love from the bears 🐻


  1. Hahaha. Well done little bear, you are an inspiration to us all. Gorgeous tags. X

  2. Fabulous tag... love the texture & colours of the background... Brillant clock faced person.. love it!! Thanks so much for sharing with us at TIO..Fab work little bear...May x

  3. Lovely tags and nice pants! Love the scary birdy one!

  4. I love your tags oh furry one especially the birds, don't worry about the pants, all the trendy bears are showing theirs. Thanks for sharing your tag (and fashion statement) with us at TIO x

  5. That's great, thanks for sharing all the photos and dreaming with us at TIO this fortnight.

  6. love your tags an all the pics that showed the making of...
    Thanks for sharing at Dragons Dream TIO


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