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Friday, 20 July 2012

Wilbear's Weekend Baking

Hello there, Wilbear here, tomorrow the weekend starts, and to celebrate, the bears are hosting a craft get together. Bears from other parts of the county have been invited, so I decided to bake my speciality - Wilbear Sponge. Now in human terms you may know this as Victoria sponge, the difference of course is that Wilbear sponge is pawmade with love.

To make my special sponge you will need
6oz butter
6oz caster sugar
3 free range eggs
6oz self raising flour
First, weigh the sugar and butter, and mix together in the food pawcessor.

Weigh the flour

Grease two 6" round cake tins

Ooh, back to the cake mix, I like to do things out of sequence.. Now, add your eggs, one at a time and beat into your sugary buttery mix,

a Wilbear top tip is to add a spoonful of flour with each egg, to minimise the risk of curdling.

Sift the rest of the flour into the pawcessor, and mix until combined. Next, share the delicious cake batter between the two cake tins.

Wilbear top tip two is to weigh your cake pans while distributing the batter, to ensure even distribution of the mix.

Now for the fun bit, please note, for hygiene purposes, this step is better carried out once you have completed the filling of the cake tins, lick the batter from the spoon, mmm, mmm, mmm.

Add the cakes to a pre heated oven (200c) for about 20 minutes. While the cakes are baking, wash and wipe up (this is the moment all other bears mysteriously disappear!)

If time permits, make your filling while your cakes are cooking, sift 6oz icing sugar into the pawcessor, add 3oz butter and whizz until soft and well mixed.

Beep beep beep, beep beep beep.. Ooh, the timer's gone off. Be sure to wear oven gloves when removing your cakes from the oven, burnt, blistery paws are very painful!

Check that the cakes are cooked through by inserting a skewer into the middle, it should come out clean.

Leave the cakes to cool in the tins for a few minutes, then remove from said tins and cool completely on a wire rack

before adding your buttercream filling.

Oh my goodness, I just can't resist a little lick of the spatula, I call it quality control. Anyway, it's my reward for doing all the hard work!

Sandwich your cake together, and dust the top with icing sugar, then sit back and admire it, with a smug little smile on your furry face.

Where can I hide this until tomorrow's craft day? The house bears here can smell a cake from several furry pawsteps away!

With love from the bears 🐻


  1. Make way! I'm coming down! What clever bears you are, crafting, cooking, reading, blogging...what next?!

  2. We'll set a place at the crafting table for you. X


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