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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Replenishing the Rescues

Hello there, Horace here to sort the ever growing box of cards we've made for charity. The box is in danger of spilling over there are so many cards in it, so I thought I'd be 'paw'ductive and get them parcelled for our favourite charities.

Of course, being bears we would support Bear Rescue, but there doesn't seem to be any such charity here in the U.K. We decided instead to support animal rescue charities, by sending them our paw made cards to sell at their fund raising events or in their shops.

I thought I'd have a count up of exactly how many cards we had to send, as we'd been card making mad since we sent the last donations off. I asked Podgy to help me up onto the sofa and hand me the cards, I think I'm somewhere behind the mountainous pile he passed me.

Being quite organised and methodical, I decided the 'throw them all at Horace and guess how many' approach was not the best, so I sorted them into neat little piles of ten and began the count.........

Goodness, even with saving a small pile for a birthday present later in the year, and stockpiling a few for our needs, I still counted 120 cards, almost all were pawmade by us, but we must also give credit to our friend Florence, who generously donated some of her own cards.

We've divided them up between Labrador Rescue Scotland, German Shepherd Rescue Scotland (our good friend Mrs. Sweetie supports both of these charities and has donated generous amounts of card making goodies for us to use in our charity cards) and lastly we sorted a pile for our nearby animal rescue centre, Suffolk Animal Rescue.

Now we just need to nominate a bear to go to the local post office to send the cards to their destinations. I can't go, I just looked in my wallet and my credit card was missing, no idea where that may be.......

TTFN ( time to find newcreditcard)

With love from the bears 🐻


  1. My goodness Horace, you and the rest of the bears have been beary busy!! That's a wonderful amount of cards and they all look great! The charities will be very happy to receive them I'm sure. xx

  2. Love all the hard work that has gone in to that pile of cards ! You bears must have been a "Fur"enzy of activity !! Well done for supporting your "fur"vorite charities !


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