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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

WOYWW - cards and other experiments

It's Wednesday already!! This week has flown by. That means another pic for http://stamping-ground.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/whats-on-your-workdesk-wednesday-163.html. So let's see what's on our crafty desk this week...

A couple of projects. Standing up to the rear of the picture is another finished page of the art journal. Now we're not too sure about this page, but as it's adhered to the back of another finished page it will stay. Maybe we will work on it more, or maybe we'll decide we like it more than we think.
We have 3 finished cards, courtesy of Horace, who may be posting a brag, er, I mean a blog about them sometime. Two of the cards will be added to the charity donations box, and the larger card will become a note let for a paw-pal we will be writing to later in the week.
To the right of the picture is a scroll image, this is from a wooden scroll stamp we have, we wanted to see what it looked like stamped up in distress inks. We haven't decided what to do with these yet, but they will either be used on a card or for another page in the art journal.
We're a bit worried, the desk is getting neater by the week!!
With love from the bears 🐻


  1. That bear stamp is gorgeous, works so well with the vintage look. I'm just gonna do my tag now hope it doesn't take as long as the card last night or I'll be up all night.

  2. Cute!
    Thanks for sharing
    Catherine #138

  3. Dear Bears - lovely art this week - the journal page looks very textural ! And wow aren't you tidy workers ! Have put you on my blog list so I can follow your crafting ! Ali #60

  4. Thanks for the peep into your workspace. Have a good week. Hazel #124 x

  5. A tidy desk is the sign of a sick mind. Oh.. wait.... hehehe....

    Brilliant work Bears.... the bear stamp is beautiful and I love the vintage feel of the whole collection. Yum!

  6. I think your art journal is really cool :) Fab work this week. I can't wait to see what you do with the scroll stamp.

    Katie (150)


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