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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Here's one we made earlier

Hello there, Pooh here to share my card with you. No 'how to' guide this time as we were asked to provide two cards for an order and both were chosen from our Blue Peter box (British bears TV programme where every time the show broadcast a craft project the presenters would produce one 'they made earlier). Anyway, our client chose her two cards, and we just needed to add personalisation. Here I am about to run the letters to spell Allison, through my trusty Cuttlebear.

I won't be able to adhere the name until next week, as the client isn't sure if her recipient spells her name with 2 Ls or one. I was able to add the recipient's age to the card though, as our client was definite it was to be for a 50th birthday. Here is the card our client chose.

We'd made the card a while back when we bought an Alice in Wonderland inspired project book. We love the designs in this and have so far used it for cards, journal pages and tags, with lots more paper for other projects left over.

Oh, before I leave you, do you want to see what happened when I thought I'd dropped one of my numbers in the bin? I asked Horace to have a quick look for me

But he was a little too enthusiastic



With love from the bears.


  1. Brilliant card, Pooh... the background paper is luscious, and your image really pops! I have a Pooh quote on my post today - you might want to check I haven't misquoted you (blame A.A. if so). Speaking as an Alison, it's rare to have two lls unless you're from the States, where it's rare not to have two lls!
    Alison x

    1. I'm often misquoted so I wouldn't worry, a case of Chinese whisbeaers in Hundred Acre Wood methinks!

  2. Pmsl! Poor old Horace! Beautiful card, I love that Alice image. X


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