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Friday, 31 August 2012

Second challenge end time,

So, our second challenge is at an end, and what did we challenge ourselves, and anyone wanting to join us, to this time?

The theme was based on Maya Angelou's works.

We challenged ourselves to use a quote, or some words taken directly from Angelou's works, and to use the following words in some way, either onto the page or as inspiration for our project:

Freedom, music,celebrate

We'd like to thank both Cath , Lauren and Toni for taking the time to join in the furry fun with us.

Please take some time to peruse their blogs, as they all produce such lovely work. If you don't already have it ladies, then please take our furry challenge buttons for your blog side bar. No prizes for bears challenges as we could be accused of nepotism if we chose a certain person ;)

So I guess we should show you what we created?

Here is our finished project

Over to Horace (the blogger hogger) for a more detailed look....

Hello there, seems it's my turn to blog again, oh look, here's my fat furry head looking at my page.

I was a little excited at the thought of this challenge, as I love Angelou's work, so I got started as soon as the blog challenge had been posted,and produced the page you see to the top of my fat (stop it, Podgy) furry head.

So now I needed a matching left hand page. First I inked and misted a blank page to death

And added some stamping through our dinky little harlequin shaped mask.

I then printed out some of the words from Angelou's poem, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, and stamped and distressed the word strips.

The left hand side of my project represents the free bird from the poem, he stands just above his cage, which is broken open, as he has achieved liberty. This side shows the challenge words of freedom and celebrate. The bird on the 'free' side is bigger and brighter, to depict the fact that he has realised his dream of freedom.

The words taken from Angelou's poem on this side are:
The free bird leaps
On the back of the wind
And floats downstream
Till the current ends
And dips his wings
In the orange sun rays
And dares to claim the sky
The free bird thinks of another breeze
And the trade winds soft through the sighing trees
And the fat worms waiting on a dawn bright lawn
And he names the sky his own.

The right hand side represents the caged bird, he is still trapped. The bird is smaller and darker, to represent his capture, but he has one wing protruding from the cage, to suggest his future freedom. He is surrounded by musical notes as he sings of his hopes of being set free.

The extracts from Angelou's poem on this side read:
The caged bird sings
With a fearful trill
Of things unknown
But longed for still
And his tune is heard
On the distant hill
For the caged bird
Sings of freedom.

We'd all like to thank the esteemed Dr. Maya Angelou for her wonderful works which inspired our little challenge and to our wonderful friends who played along with us, it's so much more fun when others join in.
Shall we do another one for next month? We're quite enjoying challenging ourselves and love it if people decide to join in. :)

Location:In the bear bungalow


  1. Oh bears, I am so sorry! I really meant to play along - and had lovely Angelou quotes all lined up, but it just didn't fit in this time with 60th birthdays and all... I love your MA page - glorious firey orange collage which I'm sure she herself would love. And yes, please, another challenge!
    Alison x

  2. Oh Ilove this page! So pretty, that poem is beautiful.

    Thank you for the challenges, keep them coming x

    Ps Horace I think you did best page yet. Shhhhh. Don't tell the others they may get jealous. X

  3. BEARS!!!! Please do another challenge cos I'd love to play along next time. Please and fank you :)


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