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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Pooh's Scrapternoon

Hello there dear friends, how nice of you to drop by the House of Bears. Pooh here today to show you a scrapbook page I made, and also show you how to gut your card to make the most of it in these penny pinching times.
On with the demo... In 2010 I was lucky enough to be bear of the bride at my dear Florence's wedding. Although most of the photos have been scrapped now, I wanted to make sure some of the more informal shots were included in my memories of the day.
I wanted to use two pieces of cardstock to create a page with a small border, but I didn't want to waste the base card that would be covered up, so I decided to gut the base card. For those who don't know, this means cutting out the piece of base card that will be covered by the top layer of card.

My base card was to be white, so I carefully measured to 11 1/2" to cut inside the card for a 1/2" white border. The trick here is to start your cutting a little way down the card, not at the very top

As you don't want to accidentally cut off a strip, like I did here.

Starting again... I measured another piece of card, and this time began cutting it with my blade halfway down, being careful not to let the blade travel all the way to the top or bottom of said card!

Rotate to cut every side, to produce a frame effect. Your spare card will come in handy for cutting letters, or even for another page later on.

I now needed to cut 1/2" off my top card layer, in order for it to fit neatly on top of my white frame.

I glued carefully round the edges of the back of the pink card

And adhered it to my white base, to produce this lovely frame.

As I wanted to add a patterned paper layer on top of my pink card, I decided to gut this too. Oh look, I've been framed!

Now I needed a title, yay, my turn to play with the Cricut. I chose the Type Candy cartridge, and for an extra swirly effect I chose the Taffy Script option on the keypad.

It's fun to watch the letters being cut.

Oooh swirly.

Use the handy Cricut spatula to gently ease the letters from the sticky mat.

Shuffle your elements round on your page, and when you're happy with the placement of everything, glue away.
Here's my finished page, with a gratuitous shot of yours truly.

Wilbear says I must show the page on its own, tsk!

With love from the bears.


  1. Wow pooh, you are an excellent scrapped. You have an eye for detail, and I do love your matching glasses :) x

    1. I borrowed the glasses from Horace, don't tell him!

  2. Lovely work, Pooh - despite the mishap with the snipping! Great advice for frugal crafters too, thank you!
    Alison x


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