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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Our inaugural challenge endeth today

Hello there, remember the bears' inaugural challenge? Secret garden? Inspiration words of rebirth, outdoors and nature?

Well today is the day that the bears' promised to show their entry into the challenge, but first we must say a huge furry thank you to Lauren, Cath and Alison, who took the time to join our challenge, and made such inspiring and talented projects. Having people joining in made it so much more fun than just challenging ourselves and we love what you've all done with your entries. For anyone reading, the challenge entries can be found Right here and are well worth a 'paws' in your busy days to stop by each blog, as all are stunning.

We won't award prizes, as our challenge is more about taking part than winning, but we do have our friend Florence working on a Bears' challenge button, which we hope to have ready to grab ASAP, Florence is a busy bearperson though, and has never made a button before, so it may not be ready for a little while. Once we have a button we do hope those who have taken part will display it with pride.

So, where is our effort? Right here...

Our project was based on outside wall of the secret garden, and the promise of what delights may await Mary, Dickon and Colin on the inside.

We have used a quote from The Secret Garden book, The gardener, Ben Weatherstaff, is talking (to Colin we think) saying ' Two things cannot be in one place. Where you tend a rose, my lad, a thistle cannot grow'.

The wall is brown and distressed in places to represent the old, and the vines and roses are to represent the rebirth which is taking place on the other side of the wall. The roses are growing through the cracks in the wall, and many have grown completely through along with the vibrant vines.

Nature is represented by the earth in the right hand corner, and the roses growing despite the years of neglect that the garden has endured.

The robin also represents nature, he is shown on the shovel, showing Mary where the key to the garden door is buried.

Outdoors is represented in the picture as a whole.

We really enjoyed this project, and wonder, does anyone want another book or author inspired project? We'll definitely carry on challenging ourselves but half the fun of this was our lovely followers supporting us and joining in.

So, what do you all think?

With love from the bears ��

With love from the bears 🐻


  1. Well done bears on a fab challenge. If there were a prize I think you should win for creating such a great challenge. Looking forward to 'challenging' my brain at the next one.

    Lovely page really love that brick wall x

  2. Oh yeah! We want more! We want more! :D. Great challenge and great entry, love it. How exciting,abutting of your beary own.

  3. I love the idea of your challenges and once I can actually get IN to my craft room I would like to take part in the next one!

  4. Gorgeous work, bears! Climbing roses are my favourites... I'm so sorry I'm late catching up with all your amazing craftiness - but as you know, with your loyal and much appreciated visits to Words and Pictures, I've been recovering from crazy Wedding business. Back on track now for a bit until crazy RSC business kicks in shortly!!
    Alison x


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