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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

When life gives you lemons....

.....Make lemon curd!

Hello there, Podgy here with my good friend and guest blog helper, Spider-bear ( that's not his real name - he changes it depending on what he wears). Here we are sharing a cup of coffee whilst discussing what we could make with our lemons.

You'll be pleased to see I have some clothes on today (or not, depending on your preference!!)

Anyway, today I have a lovely lemon curd recipe for you, Spider-bear said he would be my sous-chef for the day.

To start I had a little fun by juggling the lemons, wheeee.

First I made sure I read the recipe thoroughly

Spider-bear weighed out 325g golden caster sugar

He then zested 4 lemons, but he complained because the grater chafed his poor paw!

I felt sorry for him and cut..

...then juiced the lemons myself. So much for having a sous chef!

To cheer poor Spider-bear up I took a funny photo of his snazzy slipper

I then weighed 125g unsalted butter,and cut it into small pieces.

Spider-bear recovered enough to crack 4 eggs into a bowl and lightly beat them.

I sterilised two jars by swishing them out in boiling water, then heating them in the oven for 20 minutes

NB (note to bears) if you are handling hot items, it is essential that you wear paw protectors

Spider-bear and I wore our special monkey oven mitts

Once all the ingredients wereweighed, zested, etc, blah blah, I placed them all in a bowl, over a pan of simmering water, and stir, stir, stired.

Until the mixture came together to coat the back of the spoon

Like so.

I then poured the curd into the pre-sterilised jars, and topped with a circle of waxed paper


I made sure the lids were tightly screwed on and left to cool.

Your lemon curd should be kept in the fridge, it should keep for up to two weeks, but once opened consume within 3 days (it won't last that long in the bear bungalow!!)

With love from the bears ��


  1. Look at you, not content with being wonderful craters, bakers and readers you make preserves too. I am impressed. Now... If you fancy a week holiday to help me you'd be most welcome. X

    1. Well now bears - you have excelled yourselves! The curd looks yummy! Now where on earth did you get those monkey gloves from? They're blimmin ace and I NEED em!

  2. Hi Bears lovely to see what you have been up to - you are always so busy & seem to make great stuff ! The lemon curd looks delicious !
    See you on WOYWW tomorrow - always like to see what you've been up to ! Take care Ali x

  3. Thank you all, :)

    Kim, We bought the monkey mitts in The Range, one of the bears favourite shops.

    Now, we're off to pack for a holiday at Cath's, I hope she realises how much bears eat!!!

  4. Yum! Lemon curd's my favourite spread... Love your dungarees, and it's just as well to cover up all that bearliness every now and then - you don't want to cause a riot!
    Alison x


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