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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Cedric's Splattery Splodgy Tutorial.

Hello there, it's Cedric here to show off show you how to make a relatively cheap and cheerful background for your artwork using rubbish!!! Yes really, common, good old fashion chucksies, anything that can be painted, misted or altered will do, but just in case you need some inspiration, for this particular project I used 2 different sized plastic bottle and tub tops, a small piece of bubble wrap that came with a parcel we had ordered and some acrylic paints and mists from the bears' stash.

I started with a blank journal page and some splodging supplies, as I intended to get very messy for this project.

I gessoed my pages, to give a good background to work on.

I then pawrused the paint box, and chose some pink colours for lurve!

I splodged (very technical term that) a little of each colour onto our plastic plate and spritzed a little water to make them more runny.

I then loaded up one of our very expensive (99 pennies) foam brushes with one pink paint shade, and painted some bubble wrap

I pawressed the bubble wrapped gently but insistently onto my blank journal page and left it in situ for a while. Once lifted off this gives a great effect to the page.

Meanwhile I painted the lid of a milk bottle with another shade of lurverly pink

And pressed the top randomly onto my page

Talk about background papers virtually for free, look at the effect just from using repurposed rubbish!

I decided my page would benefit from some larger circles, so painted the lid of an old instant chocolate tub.

I decided to use the bears' inimitable stamping style to add the circle effect to my page this time. Does my tail look big in this?

My page was looking rather bare (bare - bear, get it?) ahem, moving on... I selected various pink coloured mists.

And sprayed with gay abandon over my splodgy circly page.

Spritz, spray, etc.

I heat dried the page in between each misty colour, to avoid a sludgy look, although this is less likely with pinks than with the darker colours I normally make that mistake with.

Voila, one painty, misty, splodgy, free patterned background. Try it, it's such fun.

Would you like to see what I do next with the page? Well just to tease you a little, you'll need to come back at the end of the month, as I've been nominated to make our February love challenge piece, hence all the pink on this page.

I shall post my finished page on the last day in February. Why don't you pop back then to see what I made. Don't forget, our Just for fun challengeis open to all, maybe you'd like to enter? There's still time.

With love from the bears.


  1. A fabulous, funky background, Cedric - well worth showing off!! Love all your packaging stamps: as well as creating great page backgrounds, it all looks so much fun!
    Alison x

  2. Those splodgy bubblewrap bits look sort of like bunches of grapes. How cool is THAT?

    I've said it before - I love the way you guys do your backgrounds. Thank you for this tutorial.

  3. Brilliant and easy way to make a background! Can't wait to see what you do with it!
    Lauren x

  4. Great background Cedric, your stamping style always makes me smile.
    C xx

  5. Cedric, you are a very clever bear and I love how you have achieved the backgrounds.

  6. Wonderful, Cedric! You did an awesome job! I surely will try this turorial soon!!!

    Thanks for this great inspirational post!!!


    die amelie x

  7. Lovely page. Great to use 'rubbish' to create something special.
    And no your tail doesn't look big!!!

  8. it just goes to show what you have right under your furry little noses. Good work Cedric and no your bum looks just fine.

    Gill x


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