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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Crafting with the Cub

Hello there all lovely followers and readers of the House of Bears blog. Horace here with you for this post hoping you're having a lovely weekend, just like we are. Today we've had a visit from the cub, who came back from her new home to craft with us. Wilbear pulled the table out to its full length in the kitchen, as our craft area in the bedroom is not big enough for such important guests and us together.

We decided we would scrapbook together, so I filled my half of the table with a Papermaze kit. I thought it was time to use up another one, as we still seem to be hoarding 6 month's worth!!

The cub brought the January Papermaze kit with her. Look at her cute little paws sorting through her stash below! Note, neither of us are affiliated with the aforementioned shop, we're just partial to a kit or 6 from them!

Once I'd used most of my chosen kit, I was left with extras, which were not large enough to make more scrapbook pages with, so I decided to once again make cards with the scraps to use up all of the kit and get value from it. This piece of patterned paper is really not to our pawsonal taste, but was included in the kit, and, being rather womblish in our crafting, I decided to see what I could pawduce with it.

Along with some other scraps from the kit

I made some cards, and by cutting out the flower images, I found the offending paper to be much more pleasing to my furry eye. This technique of cutting shapes from your patterned paper is suddenly hailed in the scrapbook world as a new phenomenon, and titled 'fussy cutting' but us crafters have been doing it for years without the fancy new name, haven't we?

I used the negative of our trellis mask for this one below. I sprayed the mask, and pressed the negative onto the brown paper, then cut the trellis shape. I added some washi tape from our stash as a border, and another flower from the unpopular patterned paper.

I had cut a zigzag pattern to another of the pieces of patterned paper, and didn't want to waste the leftover triangular shape, so misted it and added it as a long border to this card.

All flowers had 3d sticky pads added, to make them stand out more. I shall add sentiments as and when I need the cards for pawsonal use, or, if as planned these form the basis of our 2013 charity donations, I shall have a marathon sentiment adding day before parcelling them and sending Podgy to the Post Office (he needs the exercise, he's been eating far too many scones lately!)

This craft session just goes to prove that even with stash you really dislike, you can turn it into something that pleases you, and also has a practical use.

With love from the bears.


  1. Well done to the bears and cub for some fab Sunday crafting. Love the 'fussy cutting'. Ali x

  2. i cant believe its being hailed as something new, dont children do that all the time?

    great cards

    Gill x

  3. What a great day's scrapping... and a great use of scraps. Glad to hear you and the cub kept your claws off each other's kits!
    Alison x

  4. I often find that people give fancy names to things that sensible people have done for years. I think we should call using up scraps 'bearhousing'. What do you think?

    1. The cards are all lovely Horace and a great way of using up all of your unloved papers :)I need to challenge myself to do this!

  5. Great work bears - excellent cutting with those paws of yours!


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