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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Craft Barn Alphabet Challenge -H

Hello there, Pooh here with you today, I've been busy creating our page for the alpha challenge over at The Craft Barn . This fortnight the letter is H. I had a flick through our French/English dictionary and, following the theme of words that sound or are the same in both languages, came up with hexagon.

I decided to be clever and cover the word with a hexagon sticker, so my misting didn't obscure the word, as one of the challenge rules is to show your chosen word on your page.

I misted my pages in chalk and Dylusions mists.

I heat dried the pages between each layer of mist. A handy trick, if you position the heat gun just right, you can lie down and have a sneaky snooze and leave the page to dry itself. NOTE, don't snooze too long, or you may end up with burnt pages!!!

I selected a hexagon mask and sprayed Dylusions London Blue over my page, using both the positive and negative sides of the mask to create two different effects.

Next, as I was in the kitchen, I had a rifle through the snack drawer; having to mist in the kitchen does have its advantages you know!

After 51 small smackerels, I selected another hexagon mask, and the new white Dylusions mist.

I once again used both the negative and positive sides of the mask. When I was finished spraying, I removed the sticker from my chosen word. ARGH, disaster, it had stuck fast, and left a residue that completely obliterated my word!!!!!!!

Not to be beaten, I turned from the French - English to the English - French definitions, and repeated ALL the above steps, including the snackathon.

Next, I took the outline surrounding these stamps

Cut it in half, and stuck directly to my pages. Us bears are developing quite Womblish techniques in our crafting lately!

I then added some of the hexagon stickers, and cut the letters to spell my chosen word with a Sizzix Sizzlits alphabet strip. I assembled all my elements to pawduce this. Don't I look happy to be demoing my creation?

A close up of my page. The whiter hexagons were achieved by rubbing a Papermania square mini white ink pad directly through my mask.

I love this altered dictionary challenge, I hope the bears let me play again next fortnight.

With love from the bears.


  1. Brilliant dictionary page! Lucky you were using a French to English and could start again!

    Lauren x

  2. This is brilliant. Your hexagon-fest really gets the message across.

  3. Hi Pooh - these pages are fabulous. I love all the stenciling. I would really like one of those Hexagon ones... fabulous :-) Nice to see you having a bit of a crafty time today xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Oh Pooh, what a shame things didnt work out first time but well done for trying again. A lovely page for us to see and extra snacks for you, what a smart bear

    Gill x

  5. Love the hexagons on the pages. Glad to see you managed to keep your paws clean with all that misting!!

  6. If at first you don't succeed. Have a snack and start again.
    Well done Pooh. Great job.

  7. Poor old Pooh - lucky you could start over! I love all those different layers of hexagons. MM x

  8. Great word! Just as well you had enough smackerels for a second go!

  9. You'd have thought Pooh would have thought of HONEY! The honeycomb is hexagonal too which was what I thought it was going to be from the link photo! Great page there. BJ

  10. I hope there were a few smackerels left for the others... not that I think you didn't earn your snack - what dedication going through the whole process twice over! Well worth it, though - a great H page...
    Alison x

  11. First one was just a practice one after all!...Practice makes perfect! And the final page is wonderful! Lots of love from Laura xxxxxx

  12. Ah, determination gets us EVERYWHERE! Your hexagon pages turned out fabulous in the end. You should look happy showing them off.

  13. Great pages for your word choice Pooh Bear!


  14. Beautiful pages and the hexagons are just perfect! Very nice!

  15. You beat me too it with the hexagons! Nice page.

  16. Fabulouse word, brilliant page.

    Sylv xx

  17. Oh Pooh! What a fabulous page! And two snackeralls too! Hope you got some exercise (snort) ! :)

  18. I thought that with the bears, you would have gone with honey ;)
    great page !!
    Thanks for playing with us at the Craft Barn


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