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Monday, 4 February 2013

Every Inchie Monday

Hello there, we're joining in with the weekly challenge over at Every Inchie Monday. Today's inchie theme is Ruin.

Wilbear came up with this idea

Sorry for the poor photography, this is our millionth attempt too! How does everyone else get such clear images from such small artwork?

With love from the bears.


  1. oooo I'll have an inch of that! With tonic, please. :)

  2. Don't drink too much! Nice inchie ;-)

  3. love the idea with this one, one way to get good pics, not that I am a pro at mine LOL, but a good thing to do is not to get in too close, take it at mid distance so that it will not be blurry & crop the picture afterward, also use good lighting or natural lighting & sometimes not using the flash helps as well. I end up taking about 5 pictures & after I crop them I then pick the best looking one. I have found that the ones that I did at normal distance look best. HTH

  4. Can I have mine with ice and a slice please?

    Completely agree with freebird about natural lighting - I'll brave sub-zero temperatures to get an outdoor picture (and freezing gales too, which makes keeping a tag sitting on the trunk of a tree tricky - but worth it!). Also have you got a camera with a Macro setting (by which it really means a "micro" setting)? Then you can get good and close for close ups of tiny things - definitely necessary if you're going to carry on making terrific inchies!!
    Alison xx

  5. Thank you, agreed about the natural lighting, but trying to chase an inchie blowing round the garden in the wind can be a pain. Tee hee. We really must get the actual camera out rather than trying to take pics with the iphone, although the tip about not zooming in is great too, as we always make the mistake of zooming in rather than closer cropping,

    Thanks very much. :)

  6. Like your inchie. I always scan mine.

  7. This really made me laugh out loud and I relate to your dilemma of getting a clear image. I've been staying further back as well, and I'm not cropping as closely now. I'm really glad you asked as i appreciate the suggestions from other inchie artists. Anyhow, loved your contribution!


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