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Sunday, 24 February 2013


Hello there, we went to a stamp show today at Stevenage, it was called Stampbearama, or something like that. Our favourite stall was the Paperartsy one. Where we found some fabulous inspiration on display.

Including these, which we recognised as being from a fellow blogger (Alison, these are yours, aren't they? ) they're even better irl. We couldn't resist a picture of them;)

Once we arrived home we were keen to check out our shopping bag.

First Horace checked it was empty

Then we all oohed and ahhed over our lovely new stash. This cute foam stamp was on the Paperartsy stall, the collage paper on another stall, we can't remember which one, there were so many!

We bought this cute flower stamp

And this lovely set

Then it was back to the Paperartsy stall, where these little beauties took our fancy.

Along with this mini background stamp.

We saw Wilbear sneak off and pawchase a few bits, we think he was buying sneaky bearthday presents as it's our birthday next month.
Guess what we're off to do now? Our desk is about to get rather messy. What fun.
Edit to add, AJ, just for you, we added the pages we've just sat in the kitchen and done with our new stash. Both backgrounds were already sitting patiently waiting in our 8x8 journal to be decorated, all we had to do was add the new stamps

With love from the bears.


  1. What a great haul! I found some good stickers at a crafts stall today. They are perfect for inchies. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your new stamps.

  2. We just had a play with them just for you, all in the name of friendship of course!!!

  3. Brilliant haul of goodies. I hope you show what you do with the Butterfly Kisses stamp set. I have it and have only used the sentiments.
    I do like how you bears check the bag to be empty! LOL
    The journal pages look fabulous.

  4. what a nice bunch of stamps you have there, i bet it was hard not to buy the lot eh.

    Lovely pages too, especially the pink and yellow page, gorgeous!

    Gill x

  5. Omg!!!!I want them all, they look fab. I'm hoping to get back to crafting soon when things settle down.

  6. Lovely stash! Look forward to seeing what you produce - and shame there was no hunny in the bottom of that bag!

  7. We were there too! I love your choices of stamps - I am turning a bit green here. Can't wait to see what you make with them! Love from Laura xxxxxx


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