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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Compare the Mists

Hello there, it's Cedric here today to try out our new mists. We recently bought chalk mists and Tattered Angels, more expensive glimmer mists.

I decided to compare them. First I spritzed my page with water

I then added the yellow chalk mist to the inner page, and the blue as a border. I was rather frustrated with the yellow, as after just a few squirts it was clogging up, and needed to be cleared twice just to produce this!

I re misted the page with water, then closed my book to spread the colour evenly.

The chalk mists produce a very subtle burst of colour, which looks lovely.

I tried spritzing some more yellow mist through a mask

Using the negative on the opposite page to create two different patterns,

I then spritzed water through a brick effect mask . Here is the effect on the chalk mists. I don't think it's very clear at all.

On another journal page, I sprayed the chalk mists as above, then, once dried, I added a layer of Tattered Angels glimmer mist, again through the brick mask. On one side of the page I sprayed through the mask, and on the other, I pressed the inky residue from the mask down, to produce a negative effect. What a difference a spray makes!!!

I joined an ATC Trailswap on the UKS forum, so repeated the above steps, this time in miniature form.

Here is the effect sprayed with glimmer mist through my brick mask.

I then once again pressed the negative down onto another ATC.

Which produced this effect.

Podgy liked my backgrounds so much he decided to complete the ATCs for the UKS swap. He paw stamped and coloured some Wizard of Oz themed Graphic 45 stamps to pawduce these.

Follow the yellow brick road

If you like ATCs, maybe you'd enjoy joining this swap? Just click your furry little paws onto the link above and see what it's all about. The best thing is, you can dip in and out of the swap as you like, making only two ATCs each time you join. One for the person above you in the swap, and one for the person below. Oh, and another great thing, there is no set theme, so you're free to create whatever your furry heart desires!

Podgy decided to make the cub her second art card while he was feeling inspired.

Follow your dreams, as she has just moved and started her new job.

He's saving the February challenge piece to show you at the end of the month.

With love from the bears.


  1. Brilliant Yellow Brick Road ATCs and card... and loads of great info about the sprays - thank you Cedric. You're clearly the scientist of the group. (Ooh, just went to look up the collective noun for bears, and it's either
    a) a sloth of bears - very insultingly
    b) a sleuth of bears - very appropriately, given your investigation here!)
    Alison xx

  2. Wonderful ATCs.
    Great tutorial. I would never have thought to use the other side of the mask like that.
    Great card for your cub to. Following her dreams. :-)

  3. Hi Cedric - I thought it was just me who gets cross at those mists clogging up ! Glad to know I am not on my own ! The lemon colour is very attractive though ! Do you always mist your page with water first ? What does that do ? Never tried it ! take care Ali xx
    PS is it only visitors called Alison night here at the H of B's !!

    1. We saw a demo with Dyan Reavely where she mists her page first for her Dylusions sprays, I think it helps them spread easier, but I must say, it works much better on her mists than any others we've tried it with. Maybe the trick is only meant for her mists!

  4. What gorgeous ATCs Podgy. I'm glad you mentioned about the 'clogging' cos that happened to me with Perfect Pearls after a couple of sprays too. Most annoying. It's good to see the comparison - thanks for sharing :) x


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