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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

february ends

Hello there, we're back to show you our journal page for our February LOVE challenge. First though, we'd like to say a beary big thank you to our friends who joined in this month

Morning AJ with her Love journal page

Ali for her digital Feel the Love page

Kim with her Nail art tutorial and love page.

Lauren with her Girl on Fire page.

We LOVE that you all take time out from your busy schedules to join in with our challenges. Please do take time to visit each other's blogs, that's what makes the challenges the most fun in our opinion.

So, what did we end up making? Well as you will know if you are a regular reader of this blog, Podgy had already made a love page, but the human we banished to under the bed when we commandeered the blog whined that she wanted us to make a page depicting her love for the husbear. We tried to ignore her, but the whining reached a pitch that hurt our ears, so we acquiesced, and chose Cedric to create a slushy gushy page to keep her quiet. Over to you, Cedric..

Hello from Cedric, First a reminder of my background...

To which I wanted to add some stamping, so I searched in the stamp box for something suitable for my theme.

I found the search a little tiring, and took a short nap on top of the bed to refresh myself.

Once refreshed. I got straight back to work at the desk.

I decided to die cut silhouettes of a woman and man rather than use stamps. I think these are Marianne Creatables dies, little blue dies anyway.

I decided to try a different method of stamping, with my extraordinarily long nose, it worked very well. I don't think the other bears will be able to copy this one, so I may apply to copyright it!!

As you see below, the nose stamping is quite neat.

Have you guessed what my page is yet? Well, The human under the bed loves Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, all the bears love the classics, and although some may think of Wuthering Heights as more a story of Heathcliff's wont for revenge than one of love, the human under the bed (hereby known as THUTB) thinks of it as a classic love story. That's half the fun of books though, we all have our different views on the themes.

I chose one of THUTB's favourite quotes to base my page on, 'He's more myself than I am, whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.' Catherine is telling Nelly of her love for Heathcliff, Heathcliff overhears part of the conversation, up to the point that Catherine declares it would degrade her to marry him, but he does not hear her declare her love for him as he has walked away. Only hearing part of Catherine's speech sparks Heathcliff's quest for revenge against the Linton family.

I guess i'm just a romantic bear at heart, and I've hopefully quietened THUTB now that I've created a page based on one of her favourite book quotes.

Here's a close up of the left hand side. The writing says 'I love you, always'.

And a close up of the right hand side.

Look out for our next just for fun challenge coming very soon, remember, you don't have to have read the books to join in, just take something from the title or the themes we post as your inspiration.

With love from the bears.


  1. Wonderful love page bears!

    Lauren x

  2. Well, I'm quite glad that the whining paid off - wonderful pages!
    Alison x

  3. Aww you old romantic bears! And how nice of you to let the THUTB have her way :) We loved joining the challenge and shall wait patiently to hear of the next! xx

  4. Well done Cedric lovely page, always best to keep THUTB happy eh. I love that book too

    Gill x

  5. Great page bears. The human under the bed will be most happy with your work.

  6. Great page bears. The human under the bed will be very pleased with your work.

  7. Hi Bears ! Thanks for stopping by yesterday ! Great to see your journal - lovely page & so much thought about the theme behind it ! Thanks for showing us ! Ali xx

  8. What a pretty page, you finished it off well Cedric! Oh and I love your new found way of being original with your stamping xx


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