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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Life inside Horace's head

Hello there, it's Horace here with you today. I think I'm in a strange kinda mood, the cub said I'm impulsive, why? Because I decided I wasn't enjoying my daily journal pages, and did this

Which led to this

I kept the journal pages that had been created in between though, and decided the book would now be a journal page per month!

So, what to do for this month? Hmm

Ooh, we went out yesterday and pawchased this nifty little boogie box, it incorporates an ipod/ iphone dock along with a CD player and radio. Not only can we listen to tunes while we create, we also have the option of borrowing audio books from the library, and when Wilbear restarts his uni course he has requested audio books to learn from too, so it's a great buy for us.

Anyway, the reason I mentioned that is I decided to listen to some tunes for inspawration, Smashing Pumpkins called to me, so on it went. Da daaa daa, perfect, la la la......ooooh, suddenly the inspiration was practically spilling from my brain down into my paws. Not one to miss a chance to work with my muse, off I went.
First some patterned tissue paper was glued onto my page

Followed by some of this to add texture

I'd seen Limor Webber use something similar and just had to buy some.

Well so far not very interesting.. But wait, more was to spill from those furry paws.

I pulled out the paint box from under the bed, being careful not to dislodge THUTB.

I decided to use India inks, in black and white

And some black paint, which I thought would be nice splattered on my page

And the walls!!! Oops.

Don't worry, I wiped it off before Wilbear could see it. Here's the page, inked and splodged to within an inch of its life.

I needed some text, so out came the foam stamps I'd previously convinced myself I couldn't possibly live without, only to then leave them to languish unused and unloved in the stamps box.

They stamp up rather well

How about a mid craft mess? Yikes. Well, us arty souls need to create mess to enable us to free our minds ( good excuse? Eh?)

I decided my page needed some hidden journalling, so I paw-drew and paw- cut a black heart

I then added some paw- journalling, adhering the journalled side down into the page. What did I write? That's a secret! It's a great way to spill your furry soul but still keep you innermost thoughts to yourself (oh I'm such a tease).

I added a quirky image to reflect my journal quote. There, all done

and just in time for bears's snack time too. TTFN

With love from the bears


  1. I think that's really good. It's dramatic. Obviously suits your mood!

  2. Very cool that black and white look, nice one Horace

  3. Ooh very edgy & moody journal page !
    I hope all that ripping out was cathartic !
    Hugs Ali x

  4. Bold and meaningful. Always a good idea to make a fresh start if you don't like what you are doing--not just in an arty way either.

    Love Chrissie x

  5. Love the bold b&w of this... and the background is so cool with the inky splattering. Love that the whole thing is inspired by music too. Hope you cleared up afterwards!! Sorry to be behind - my internet's been playing up, so I'm sitting in Caffe Nero trying to do some catching up... have a great weekend!
    Alison x


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