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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Lucky Bears

Hello again, an extra post from us (lucky you) to show you this fab fab fab gift we just received through the post from our blog candy winner, AJ. She very kindly took the time to make us this wonderful journal

It has pages and pages of cuteness and loveliness.

A little envelope

Which when opened revealed some wonderful inchies

Pooh has declared this page as his own, he says it's his colours so must have been made specially for him.

This page has a pocket with fab tags. Isn't it great?

And in another pocket we found the most wonderful handmade book

Which we LOVE

We clamoured to see everything.

Podgy says this page must be made for him, as it has a kiss on it!

Thank you so much AJ, we are so happy that you took time to make us this BEARY special gift which we will treasure. Xxxx
With love from the bears


  1. I'm so glad you like it. Your blog candy really inspired me and I just had to send you the results. I'm glad to be a part of the House of Bears' world.

  2. What a super gift ! So much work gone into it ! Thanks for stopping by earlier ! Ali x

  3. What lucky bears you are. That's a great gift.

  4. What a fantastic gift - it just shows how much you Bears are appreciated and loved :-D
    IKE xx

  5. What a wonderful gift for you bears. I am sure you will have it by your bedside to read every night

    Love Chrissie x

  6. wow, thats a gift and a half x

  7. Happy, happy mail - how lovely!
    Alison x


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