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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

WOYWW? Sketchy stuff.

Well hello there from Horace, another Wednesday come round again? Goodness, at this rate I'll be digging out my winter woolies! Another Wednesday of course means another chance for a sneak peek at other crafters' desks across the world, courtesy of the wonderful Julia at Stamping Ground.
So what's on the bears' desk this week? As you may know I have a new passion right now, attempting to draw. Here's the desk, post Range visit, before I put my new watercolour paints and pencils away.

I'm having mixed results with my drawing, some okay, some disastrous, but as befits a tortured artistic soul, I've spent today bearating myself for the failures, rather than celebrating my successes. I've got myself all frustrated attempting birds

Dogs (yikes)

Full side profiles with bodies (I think she's an alien life form!)

Before giving myself a little talking to and telling myself I really need to stick to just faces and enjoy what I can do rather than getting frustrated at what I can't. With that in mind, I started some journal pages, one attempting to copy a sketch from a book cover, and the other, just whatever came from my furry paw.

The bottom picture is painted in acrylics, and has the sentiment 'free your fears' I thought that was fitting, seeing as I'd been sat here worrying about not being good enough.
Now I'm going to get on some desk hopping before adding the top pic to my journal.
With love from the bears


  1. Oh Horace! You have a lot in common with so many artists: Van Gogh, Rembrandt to name but two! I think all your drawings are great for a bear beginning to draw, for any creature beginning to draw, come to think of it! The dog is lovely, for example. Don't bearate yourself any more, just enjoy yourself. Your two faces on this post are lovely. I always enjoy a peek at your art too, so giving pleasure to others and gaining pleasure from what you do is beary important. Julie Ann xx #41

  2. Well Horace I must say I really like the picture of the bird you have drawn I think it is very life like well done
    Jackie 29

  3. Gosh drawing again, your dog is cute and your bird has a great shape too. To be honest I think you need to work on faces but from someone who can't draw, why listen. BJ#85

  4. I think you are coming on in leaps and bounds. Must be hard, without opposable thumbs ...... I have them and can't draw nearly so well!


    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (28)

  5. That bird looks very dove-like. I like it. And the dog is cute. You have to stop beating yourself up.

  6. I don't know about anybody else, but I think you have great talent, Horace - in fact you can draw and paint far better than any other bear I've ever met. Winston and Edwina are hopeless in comparison. I love your art works, and I really love the pictures of you sitting up and painting - really cute!

    Thanks to all the bears for your lovely comment on my blog. Thank you for the good wishes for my health - I am feeling much better now the antibiotics are starting to work!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #75

  7. Hello Bears, and thanks for the earlier visit. Adding your art to a journal is a fantastic idea, so you can look back later and see how you have progressed. For just starting to draw and paint you really are doing quite well. I had a painting teacher that would tell us to get up and walk around the room, then come back an look at our work, and then continue. It's amazing when you take a quick break and then come back and look at what you have done. So STOP beating yourself up LOL we all like what you have presented so far.
    Krisha #19

  8. you are being far too hard on yourself, the dog is fabulous and the sketch of the lady from the side is so well done.
    Truly you are coming on in leaps and bounds, dont despair!

  9. Stop it, your work is good and I don't want to hear any more negative stuff. Yoda wishes he could jump in and have furry hug from you all. I better be careful he might go travelling and looking for fur.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 24

  10. Beautiful sketching and Art, I Love to see them x
    I have a Beary Special Scrap page on my blog post this week.
    If time permits, hope you can see it :)
    Have a Beautiful week Heather #103

  11. Hi Bears. I think you're doing fine - and at least you're keeping up with your practising. Oh BTW your dog isn't a yikes it's more like a Westie - I know these things you know. Thanks for your visit. Have a happy week, keep on sketching... MMx #65

  12. Hi bears! Hmmm interesting to know that bears have self doubts too! I think you just have to keep on keeping on and follow the motto we crafters love ' do what makes you happy, ' I bet Damien Hirst wishes he could sketch as good as you bears ! X

  13. Hi Horace the drawings are fab and stop being so negative Rome wasn't built in a day and i think they are fa far better than I could ever do or most people keep up the fab work Andrea#42

  14. Hi Bears, Horace you are doing extremely well. i wish I could draw half as well as you do! I think doubting what we produce is something we are all guilty of- we only see the flaws! Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #48 xx

  15. Good for you with the sketchy business, keep it up!!

    Thank you bears for stopping by this woyww--sorry to say I had the wrong link in for this week, you actually saw my last week desk, not that it's much different this week, lol!


  16. keep sketching, I promise you'll be happier and happier with what you draw :)
    (Take that from someone who never liked the birds she drew a while ago but slowly fell in love with them one after another ;))
    Jana #71

  17. Happy WOYWW!! nice sketches, thanks for sharing!
    -Tera #104

  18. love the sketching and art! Keep it up you are doing an awesome job!! Food for thought...wouldn't life be boring if all we had for lunch each day was tomato soup...even though I love it it would definitely get boring after a while. Stretch those muscles and reach for the stars...you'll get there eventually! Thanks for stopping by my desk and commenting. Have a great week. Vickie #36

  19. Hello, Im Roberta 106, Im on my 2nd week of this and looking at every ones goodies has really got me doing things..now I cant wait till mine looks nice and tidy. Thanks for letting me peek around. Bright Blessing to you and yours

  20. YOur art work is coming on a treat Horace, well done to you. YOur bird is fab, I cant do birds for anything, but I am waiting on a new 'how to draw' book I have heard great things about.
    The faces are coming on very well, needs daily practice you know! Love the journal girls, especially the blue hair girl.

    Lynda #82

  21. Horace, your drawing is just fine - many times better than I can do! Thanks for your visit, sorry you won't be able to go to the show at Stevenage on Sunday.
    Helen 6

  22. Love your sketches Horace, just enjoy yourself and you will become happier with your work! Chris113

  23. Go for it Horace; your drawing i great and anyway while you're at it (whatever craft is our thing) you lose yourself for a while just working in the minute and that's great for your soul. Keep at it....cheers RobynO#52

  24. Now Horace, don't you bearate yourself for those pictures. I love that cute doggy and the bird looks terrific to me. I have drawers full of abandoned drawings but the thing is to never give up. The more you do the better you get and you are getting fabulous. Keep up the good work my furry friend, it's looking fab from here.
    Have a great week,
    Von #33

  25. Don't be so hard on yourself Horace, we have all been there with our art, where we are not happy with some of it, and not others. Personally I think you are doing exceptionally well. Its often just the doing, that creative process not necessarily the end result that is the key to being happy. Like everyone above me has said keep up the good work! Danie #14

  26. Well, I'm not an artist but I think that bird is pretty spot on! And the head of the dog is so cute tipped just so...and really his body being so round...I've seen dogs that looked like that for real! Poor pups. :) Thanks for sharing your artistic endeavors and keep at them, if they fulfill a need in your life you will only get better and better! :) Also, thanks for stopping by to see my exploded craft room, so glad to know I'm not the only cracked nut in the hen house! :) ~Deeyll

  27. You can draw better than I can, love the bird. Francesca #67

  28. I think we can all relate to the trials and tribulations of drawing...but as many have said the more we practice the better we get. I'm certainly keeping that in mind ;D
    I think you're drawings are brilliant especially that dog. I've tried so many times to draw my dog and had to destroy them because they were so bad!
    Thanks for popping over to my place earlier and I'm sorry I'm so late returning...but better late than never eh?
    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Belated WOYWW to you :D

  29. Well, you've got to stop with the self-berating immediately... these are great - and we're all on the learning curve. You're far braver than I am... I've yet to put pen to paper with my drawing course!
    Alison xx

  30. Gotta love that you have given yourself a beary worthwhile talking to. Applaud successes and dismiss failures. Failures are what teach us.

    I'm playing catch up after having been offline for nearly three days due to internet woes associated with our recent rain.

    Happy quite belated WOYWW from #2. BTW, I think you BEARs are adorable, but unfortunately, I collect rocking horses (grin).

  31. Your pictures are fab, the doggie has such a cute expression. I recommend books by Carla Sonheim which really stop you worrying about your drawing skills. There are some free tutorials on her blog.http://www.carlasonheim.com
    Finally getting round to visiting, it has been a hectic week. Thank you for visiting.
    Karen #69


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