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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Musically challenged

Hullo there, Podgy panda here with you today, what a treat for you all! I'm here to show you some makes for the new challenge over at Musically Challenged, where you make a project based on inspiration gained from watching a music video. Isn't that the best idea for a challenge? This fortnight, the chosen video is Your Body by Christina Aguilera. I watched the video before starting my projects.

Watching gave me the impression that the character in the video is portrayed as very powerful, a woman who knows what she wants and knows she is going to get it. She's not afraid to go after what she wants, and exudes a confidence in herself and her body. With this in mind I began creating.

First, I coloured my images, this fortnight we are using some fabulous stamps from Stitchy Bear Stamps - Wow, have you seen their extensive range of images? There's so much to choose from.

After Horace's Gelli plate creation for the last challenge I thought I would have a play with it. Yuck, it doesn't taste like jelly at all!

Oh well. I added some paint to it instead

Ohh, far too dark for my projects, no problem though, Gelli prints can be made of many layers

Ah, that's better

I needed some texture to represent the fast pace of the video so I mixed some texture paste with paint,

then added the paste through a mask

I went a little Gelli print and texture making mad, and pawduced all of these

I needed to let the paste dry,so stopped for a welcome drink. Ah, that's better

I adjourned to the garden, I wanted to use glitter to represent the part of the video where Christina turns her man to dust. Wilbear said I wasn't allowed to play with glitter in the house, it was a good job he did, as when I opened the lid, this happened.

Once I cleared up, I managed to apply some glitter on to my projects!

I sat at the garden table to finish my projects

I decided to use 3d foam for my image, to really make it stand out.

This was my first make, Love Your Body, the sentiment comes not only from taking lines from the song, but the positive message that we should all be body confident, and celebrate ourselves. The arrows depict the non stop pace of the video.

My second make comes from Aguilera's bold hairstyle in the video, along with more lines from the song. The blue splats are from the toilet scene in the video.

This make is from near the end of the video, where the man vanishes in an explosion of confetti. The word Tonight is again taken from the video, and suggests the character got what she wanted.

Another make using the word tonight, with the confetti detritus, my stamped lady looks very pleased with herself.

Lastly, I have a postcard make with the blue splats, again from the toilet scene.

Ooh I did enjoy making these. Why don't you pop over to Musically Challenged and see what you can make inspired by the video. You have two weeks to join in.
With love from the bears


  1. So many fabulous makes... you were clearly on fire inspired by this music video! My brother hates glitter, like Wilbear, so he wouldn't share my favourite - which is that third tag - fabulous!
    Alison x

  2. All of these are great! I love the first one the most with the positive message, I think everybody should live by that qoute!

  3. Wonderful makes! You were certainly inspired by this video fr sure. Great colours and images on all of them

    Love Chrissie x

  4. That one with the arrows is a brilliant representation of the video - very effective! Great productions. x


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