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Friday, 16 August 2013

Use Your Stash

Hello there lovely friends. It's Horace here at the desk bed today, Cedric has commandeered the actual desk, but I had itchy paws to get crafting, and after watching many mini book and journal tutorials on Youtube. I decided to make a little love present for my intended girlfriend, Clarissa. You may remember she sent us a postcard not so long ago.
I gathered 6 square envelopes of the same size, and a 7th envelope of the same size was cut up to use as a template for my patterned papers. The patterned papers used were 6 x 6 and from the All Aboard range by Papermania. My friend Clarissa likes to travel, so this was perfect for her.
I used the envelope template to draw onto the paper, making sure my patterned paper was the correct way round for my envelope book. This won't be an issue if you have a random pattern on your paper, but is important if your pattern only runs one way.

Using the template, I ended up with these two pieces of paper.

I adhered the larger piece around the rim of the envelope, and the smaller piece to the inner envelope, just where you would normally tuck the flap in.
I then glued the next envelope onto the open flap of the first envelope, like so. (Only make sure the flap is completely covered by the next envelope, I left a little showing to demonstrate my method.)

Repeat until all the envelopes are decorated with the paper and glued together.

Here are two stuck together. I added some Distress stain to the edges, it covers up in discrepancies in my paw cutting of the paper, and also adds a little interest to the finished book.

The book grew longer as I added envelopes. You could add more than 6, but I didn't want Clarissa thinking that she had to travel the world to fill her book.

The book has a concertina effect to it. Clarissa can have fun opening it up and seeing how far it stretches!

Voila, one book, for my love.

I wanted to add a tie to make the book prettier, I should really have done this before decorating the book, but in my haste I forgot, no matter, instead of threading ribbon through all of the envelopes I made small holes in the last envelope to the left and the right, and threaded co ordinating ribbon through, the ribbon can then come round the back of the book, then across the front to tie at the sides.

I added some journal cards so Clarissa can detail her adventures.

I left space for her to write her memoirs

These fit into the pockets of the journal

I've already sent this to Clarissa, as a little RAK (Random Act of Kindness.) hopefully she will find a use for it on her holiday. Or for some other pawpose. I had to wait until I knew she had received it, and today she sent me a picture of her cute self, pawrusing her present

Isn't she gorgeous? I think I'm a little more in love now. Swoon.
With love from the bears


  1. What a lovely present! I'm sure Clarissa will fall hopelessly in love with you for that.

  2. Clarissa seems to be in baby doll nightwear. Hope it's not too racy for Horace!!

  3. Envelopes just lend themselves to mini books and I love how you have done yours:)

  4. Eeeeeek !!! that is AWESOME !!!! What a fabulous giftette Horace.... I'm off now to try one of these :-D Thanks for the TuT .
    Mega huggies

    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. What a thoughtful gift for Clarissa - such a lovely little mini book, TFS

    Toni xx

  6. I reckon Clarisa will be yours when she gets this gift. Thank you for showing us how to make one-clever bear you.

    I wonder what size Clarissa's head is I have just crocheted a sunhat that might fit her--do let me know. The hat is on my blog


    Love Chrissie xx

  7. What an pawsome gift! Horace, what a very kind thought and very gentlebearly of you. x

  8. That is fabulous!!! after seeing Ike use this technique I just had to come and check it out. And of course become a follower! ;o)

  9. Ooh how clever is that! I think I'll be having a go at one myself.
    Sue xc

  10. Oh, how clever... love the envelope construction, and all the papers and tags you've used are perfect for a traveller. Bet Clarissa will love it!
    Alison x


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