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Monday, 13 August 2012

The Bears' Second Challenge

Hello there. Here we are with our second challenge based on books and literature, this time we are concentrating on Dr Maya Angelou. Angelou is a multi- talented woman, she was born in 1928 and was raised by her grandmother, in Stamps, Arkansas. Her career has been diverse and she has been an author, poet, performer, singer... you could say that she has really 'done it all'.
Angelou was a single mother to her only son for many years, and her main priority throughout her working life was to provide for him. Despite many setbacks, she remained positive, with a 'can do' attitude, nothing would beat her. She truly is an amazing woman. Her autobiographies are an essential read, and her poetry is so inspiring. If you've never read anything of hers we'd suggest to start with Still I Rise, which we consider her best poem. If you wish to read her autobiographies, start with 'I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings'.
If you want to read more about this amazing woman then Have a look at her website for more information.
On with the challenge. We challenged ourselves to make a piece of artwork inspired by the great woman herself, and if you would like to join us (which we would really love) then please
create any piece of artwork, card, ATC, journal page, etc using any medium you like
Take the following as inspiration;
use a quote or words taken from one of Angelou's many written works

And use the following words as inspiration, either directly on your page, or in any way you wish

All the words are chosen with Angelou in mind, her ancestors were slaves, hence the word freedom, music is to pay homage to Angelou's stage career, and celebrate, because we think that Angelou's many achievements deserve just that.
How you interpret these inspiration words is entirely up to you, and it will be interesting to see what people come up with. We hope some of you can join in, we so enjoyed looking at your entries last challenge.
Ooh, we nearly forgot, a challenge finish date? Hmm, how about Friday 31st August, just to keep in within this month, but hopefully give those who wish to, time to plan and play along.
In our usual unique style, we shall reveal our furry creation on the close date, just to make things even more exciting. Or would you prefer to see our creations on challenge post dates? We're quite amenable really (unless you ask us to share our hunny!)
One more thing, don't forget to grab one of our fab buttons over on the right hand sidebar, made especially for us by our lovely friend Florence. Aren't they great? We love them.
With love from the bears ��


  1. LOVE this challenge, can't wait to play around with it. Your buttons are beary good :)

  2. Well, all I can say is you bears have remarkably good taste in writers! Wonderful challenge!
    Alison x

  3. Not a happy bunny that my stamp went squint, but got it done, I'm going to use it on my next journal page:)

    1. We can look at it with squinty eyes if it makes you feel better. We love it, thanks for being first. :)

    2. Great challenge furry friends, look forward to the next one x

    3. How lovely, another fab entrant, thank you. X

  4. hi there bears hope you like my interpretation. Maya Angelou is one of my favourite authors thanks for the opportunity to work on this one x

    1. We love it. Thank you so much for entering our challenge.


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