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Friday, 14 December 2012

December Bloggerations Day 14 - Advent for the Bears

Hello there, the bears are today starting to enjoy an advent organised between our very best friends. In 2004 we joined a craft forum and met the best friends we could ever hope to meet. Despite all being human, they accepted the bears into their little group, and we have had lots of fun, love and laughter ever since.

Every year we like to do something to celebrate Christmas as a group, and this year our esteemed member, Jeeps, came up with the idea of The Twelve Days of GOGvent (GOGs being the group name). The idea is that we draw a name, and buy 12 presents for our swappee, one for each day from today, with the present for the 25th being slighter larger, or of a bigger monetary value. In previous years we've had GOGvent which lasted every day of December, secret Santa, where we buy one gift for one person to open on the big day, and many other non-Christmas swaps, including circle journals, calendar and ATC swaps. It's so lovely to be part of such a wonderful, supportive group, who love you no matter what (even if you're furry and tend to eat the group chocolate rations!) taking part in our version of Advent is a lovely way to celebrate our long lasting friendship.

This is our GOGvent parcel, from as yet unknown sender, we all find out who has sent our parcel on Christmas day

The bears were so excited to receive our parcel, and have been prodding and poking ever since, apart from Wilbear of course, who is much more reserved and unexcited, being an older and more curmudgeonly bear.

We have some beautiful tags on our presents

All of which we will keep, and use in some way.

Today, Horace and Cedric shared the present opening ceremony, with the other bears looking on longingly, they'll get their turn another day

This was today's most scrummy present

Making Memories journal tags!! Now we all know how the bears love tags, and these are almost too nice to use. Maybe we'll just sit and stroke them instead.

With love from the bears.


  1. What a lovely idea. So exciting to have a pressie to open each day. Those tags are definitely worthy of a good stroke! Look forward to seeing what you get each day. Ali x

  2. Well done bears on such an auspicious pressie opening. It's lovely being part of this, isn't it. My most favourite word in your post is curmudgeonly. Especially when it is applied to a bear.

  3. What a wonderful idea - the little parcels look lovely, all wrapped with such care and attention to detail, and the first gift is fab! Now, don't be mean about Wilbear - patience is a virtue well worth cultivating!
    Alison xx

  4. What fun you are having with all those lovely presents to open ! I'm sure you can bearly contain your excitement !!!! Ali xx


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