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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

WOYWW - Christmess

Yes, that's right, a big mess of Christmas! Hello, Horace here with you for another WOYWW, a lovely alliterative sounding acronym, which, if you're not familiar with, you can find out more about by hopping over to this fab blog to find out more from our lovely host Julia.

Despite having enough Christmas cards for this year, I felt the need to do something festive, so set to making more, with previously unused free stamps from a magazine. Usually when I make a card I stick to one thing, IE, stamps, or spellbinders or Sizzix, this time I went all out and used the lot - a stamped image, coloured in, then framed using the oval Spellbinders frames, and finally, using a Sizzix embossing folder for a snowy background effect. What fun, and such a lovely big mess. Most unlike me.

Using the bears' advent present of Stickles, I stickled the bobble of the bobble hat to make the cards that little bit more festive. Now I need to find somewhere to store them until they're needed next year.

Just for miniowner, I took a picture of our smiley panda bag, in honour of her smiley pot! She'll know what I mean, even if I do seem half cracked to every one else who reads this.

Before I tootle off in search of snacks, did you know the bears hold their own monthly literary based, just for fun challenge, details for this month can be found by pressing your furry paw here . If you have some spare time over Christmas (cue manic laugh) there's still plenty of time to play.

Lastly, we'd like to wish our lovely friends and followers, and new visitors, a very happy Christmas, we hope it's all you wish it to be. Keep safe, and remember the most important Christmas rule - one chocolate for each paw!!!

With love from the bears.


  1. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    TFS Happy WOYWW Mrs.C.xx #34

  2. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, Bears!! Helen, (3)

  3. I'm just dropping in to say....
    May you have a wonderful Christmas with everything that makes you happy.
    A x #38

  4. Lovely last minute cards, Horace, and the panda bag is simply wonderful! Not going to wish you Merry Christmas yet, as I'm going to be following your daily December posts right to the big day! And I will be making an entry to the Dickens, but it might have to wait until the lovely post-Christmas, pre-New Year gap... Think I've also talked my mother (Cestina) into entering!!
    Alison xx

  5. Oh pooh (not Pooh)... forgot to say I'm at #66!
    Alison xx

  6. Popping in to wish you and the bears a wonderful safe and happy Christmas

    Hugs Eliza 61

  7. Hi Horace! It is always nice to have a few cards for next year ---like having a head start! I would like to wish all the bears a very Merry Christmas--love you guys-- you are so cute.
    Karen 71

  8. I got the jailor rings from ebay (well my DH did) try this link http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/110819142093. Thanks for visiting me already and have a great Christmas BJ#1.

  9. thanks Horace for the fab cards you've shown today and what a cute bag love to all the bears and best wishes have a wonderful christmas x Andrea #6

  10. Love the cards - I like to make mine now for next year too! - Thanks for visiting me and I hope you have a lovely Christmas - Sunshine Girl no.24

  11. Yo bears! Thank you so much for a special mention on your blog and for showing me your smiley bag - I'm still smiling from having seen it. :o) It's brilliant! Smiley pot is safe and well BTW. Happy Wednesday and Happy Christmas.
    Sue x (MiniOwner@45)

  12. Well, Horace and friends have been busy this week. He looks very efficient and well on top of things! I shall pass his good wishes on to Rev. Ernest Bear for a speedy recovery from his operation to mend his paws! Thank you for your visit.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #47

  13. Oh gosh, how sweet. I used to make bears to sell and my DH still calls me Lil bear so I loved seeing your bear cards. Merry Christmas! #49

  14. Gorgeous cards and I love that little panda bag. Can I adopt your bear please! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a very Happy Christmas. Caro (#65)

  15. Prepped for next year are you bears?! Love the panda bag! My is itching to "press here" to find out what's going on. Happy Holidays! Nan 75

  16. Oh Horace, I hope you had more luck with your Stickles not clogging up than I did.
    Just popped by to wish you and your companions a Happy Christmas. Don't have too mu,ch sherry!
    Happy Christmas
    Hugs, Neet xx 12

  17. Aren't we interesting, I can't make a card without a sentiment or greeting ont he front and almost always incorporate at least two of the three that you've used ...my comfort zone is very different.! Top Christmas advice,i shall try to follow..one chocolate in each paw! Happy Christmas!

  18. Hi Bears!

    I know I’ve not joined in with WOYWW just recently but I’ll be back in the new year for sure.

    I just wanted to pop by to say thanks for all the fun and inspiration you’ve shared over the last year and to wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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