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Saturday, 15 December 2012

December Bloggerations Day 15 - Cedric the Cereal Crafter

Hello there, Cedric here today. After finishing my breakfast this morning of 24 Weetabix, I was about to recycle the packaging, when the furry cogs in my brain started to whirr with an idea.. Why not use the card for craft projects?

I cut the box into the correct size to pass through the Cricut machine

and cut the number 25 at 5" from the Type Candy cartridge. The negative could be used as a giant stencil for another project in future.

As I was decorating a plain gift bag for a 25th birthday present. I also wanted some balloons, out came the Woodware balloon punch. Using the bears' special method. I cut several balloon shapes. Does my tail look big in this outfit????

I spritzed and glittered the letters and numbers, and adhered them to the bag. This is best done at least the day before you need to use the bag as the decorations need time to really stick.

Now I need to go and eat more cereal, in order to collect more card for my next craft project.

Oh, the Advent? It was Pooh's turn to open the present today, along with Beargles. We're not sure how Horace got in on the act again.

Today's present is some fabulous Distress stickles. Wow, how lucky are we?

Horace looks like he has an idea for them already

With love from the bears.


  1. 24 weetabix? Cedric, please tell me you didn't eat 24 in one lot! You'll get tummy ache ;o) xxxxxxxxxx

  2. I agree with Laura, it does sound excessive... but if you need the cardboard for crafting - well, what's a bear to do?!
    Alison xx


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