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Monday, 3 December 2012

December Bloggerations Day 3- Podgy Makes Card Holders

Hello there from Podgy sat at the kitchen table avec le splatter-mat. You know what that means don't you? Time to get misty!!!

Not-last-month-but-the-month-before's Scrapbook Magazine included a free idea booklet. I really liked one of the projects, so hid it from the other bears to prevent them from trying it before I could, the trouble is, I hid it so well, it took me an hour to find it before I could begin creating!!!

Anyway, eventually-luckily before Christmas was over- I embarked on my creative quest to make card holders from washing pegs, genius. The idea that is, not me, although now I come to think of it....

Anyway, if you wish to complete this project, you will need:

Wooden pegs
Mists or patterned papers
A 'get messy mat'
A willing, creative bear
Some embellishments
A glue gun
A pasty!

After gathering your supplies, select some pegs. Note how incredibly boring they are?

Well they won't be soon. Apply your choice of mist evenly over the pegs, turning and coating the peg on every side in the misty puddle created. Alternatively, cut thin strips of patterned paper and adhere these to one side of your pegs.

I used Glimmer mists, a golden copper colour, and a nice red, as I wanted to create Christmas card holders, but this project could easily be made as birthday card holders, or for any occasion you desire.

Mop up any excess mist puddles with tags and journal pages

This saves waste, and creates interesting backgrounds to use at a later craft date.

Next, sit down to a warmed pasty, hot from the oven. (You were wondering why it was included in your supplies list, weren't you?)

Pasty eaten, your pegs should now be dry, if not, blast them with your heat gun, that'll scare them into drying quickly.

Warm your glue gun, and add a little glue to the back of your chosen embellishments, working with one at a time, as they need to be adhered to your peg quick-smart, or the glue will dry into an annoying, unsticky blob!

Press the embellishments onto your pegs, hold for a few seconds, and hey presto.

Lots of lovely card holders, cheaper than even the cheap shop!

Gosh, I do love to admire my handy work. You'll have gathered by now that I'm just as modest and unassuming as Horace!!!!!

Here are the card holders in action, sorry about the fuzziness of the photo, Santa is hopefully going to help us out by bringing a phone with a super duper, blog-abled camera on.

Don't forget, if you have time, we'd love for you to join us in our festive literary based challenge this month, just press your furry little paw right here to see the challenge.

Alternatively, if you are pressed for time with all your festive prepawrations, maybe you would like to enter our fun and exciting, very quick to pawticipate in Compoohtition hosted by our very own Pooh bear. There's even a prize to be won.

Really, have you ever known such excitement in December? My fur is sizzling just thinking about it all.

With love from the bears.


  1. Very impressive pegs Podgy! What a simple but very effective idea!

  2. Great work with the pegs, Podgy... wonderful for displaying the Christmas cards which will come flooding in!
    Alison x

  3. Gorgeous :) Thanks for sharing. X

  4. Lovely pegs, Podgy! Will put a pasty on my list too!

    die amelie x

  5. I'm having the best time with your bear posts!! They are too cute for words. I love the idea of spraying the clothes pins...so much fast than paint. Ah duh! Thanks for the grand ida.


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