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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

WOYWW - The Last One In December

Hello there, better late than never.

Happy Christmas from the bears. Podgy here to show you what's on our workspace this week. Look Hereto see how you can join in.

Here's our workspace. I have on my very posh new chef outfit, as befits a bear who cooked Christmas lunch.

Our desk has a die cut vintage car, from our new TH die, a lovely Christmas present, as well as die cuts from the Movers and Shapers tag and the sewing room dies. Fab presents.

We also have a lovely pack of Sparkles, which we were inspired to buy after trying our advent Stickles present, and some cross stitch canvas, donated by our lovely friend Florence. We will use this to make a scrapbook LO.

Lastly, some TH Kraft cardstock and a chipboard alphabet.

We'll be back with some Christmas show and tell soonest, but unfortunately, another thing the bears got for Christmas was ill! Pah.

Happy Christmas to all and we shall attempt to visit some desks before a short nap under a fleece large enough for us all. Xxx

With love from the bears.


  1. Wow! What a clever bear to cook the Christmas Dinner. Does he contract out?
    You had a good stash of goodies to play with. I had pennies to buy my own but will wait for some sales!
    Merry Christmas and Beary Happy New Year!

  2. Yo bears! Sorry to hear you are poorly - hope it wasn't because of Podgy's cooking! Get well soon. Happy Boxing Day and Happy Wednesday :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@34)

  3. Poor bear, but has much company as there are many of us that seemed to catch the nasty holiday bug.
    Sniffeling from CA
    Krisha #48

  4. That is one clever bear, I could have done with his catering services! And what love bits and pieces you received, lovely!
    LLJ 16 xxxx

  5. Loan you got some lovely new stuff -am so sorry it also came with bear flu. get well soon!

  6. Sorry to hear the flu hit the Bear house. Hope you are all feeling better now that you have been under the fleece for awhile! Hope you are having a better holiday today and able to play with the fun things you showed us! Thanks for visiting my desk today! Vickie #4

  7. Poor poorly bears, so sorry to hear that but some really good goodies there on the desk.
    Thanks for your visit.
    Elaine #10

  8. Lovely goodies - those dies are very exciting! So sorry to hear you're not well... sadly it's hit here too: I'm hacking away like a 60-a-day smoker (which I assure you I'm not!). Hope you feel lots better soon, and fit to play with your new stash. Continuing good wishes for the festive season, and happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  9. Hoping you and the bears feel better soon so you can start playing with your goodies! Waving hi from the rainy, but wishing it was snowing hills of North Carolina for the last WOYWW of 2012!!

  10. Sending 'bear' hugs for a quick recovery for all! Have a Happy New Year! Nan 44

  11. Oh No - poor sickly Bears !!! We have the lurgey here in Greece too. Great chef outfit.... do you travel abroad to cook for other people by any chance ?????
    Lovely prezzies too xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Hi Podgy! Hope you're all better now... enjoy those gifts! Helen, 40

  13. Aww poor old poorly bears. You did very well for crafty presents this year though and am very impressed at the cooking abilities of bears. :)

    Thanks for your comment on my WOYWW post... I may pass on your suggestion of storing my embellies in DH's study to said DH. I'll let you know his response. ;)


  14. What a great stash. I'm totally addicted to Stickles, they make adding glitter to things so easy and they sparkle like crazy.

    Have fun with your stash and happy new year when it comes.
    Rachel, #26

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Love that you got down to using your new stash straight away! I love stickles - they're great to use and I'm not really a 'glittery' person! I have a few colours now - just need to get out to the crafting shed and use them!!

  16. Nice pile of new stash to play with there! Hope you are all feeling better now! Thanks for visiting me :) and I hope you have a fabulous New Year.

  17. Happy Belated WOYWW. I am having trouble leaving comments, so testing it out on my old netbook. Hope this works! Great selection of new stash, and love the hat! Ali x #5

  18. Wow you do look snappy in that outfit and more sparkles to play with careful they don't get on your fur....

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
    Hugs Eliza #63

  19. Belated greetings its been a bit of a juggling act this week with christmas and work but the time at home has been fab;Sorry to hear you have been poorly bears and hope you have all perked up a bit and feeling better. Im loving the goodies and look forward to new creations happy new year and hope 2013 is the best hugs .. Andrea x #20


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