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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

December Bloggerations Day 4 - The Bears Receive a Present

Oooh, the Post-Bear has been and the bears have received box shaped mail

It's a present of the Christmas variety

For all of the bears, from our summer guest, Henry.

Cedric decided to have a little sniff of it, but it had no specific aroma known to bears.

Horace tried to have a little squidge of it, but it was quite solid.

Silly Podgy tried sitting on it, but it didn't feel much like a seat.

Pooh suggested listening to it, but it made no noise!!!!

Finally, Wilbear said it had to be sent off to Santa, who apparently decides if we have been good enough to get it back on Christmas Eve. We've decided to behave ourselves, at least until the 26th!

For those who wish to pawticipate in our literary based craft challenge, click your furry pawRight here

Alternatively, if you are a busy bear, you could enter our fun, festive compoohtition, with a chance to win a super duper prize of the like never seen before (!!!) by pressing your furryPaw

With love from the bears.


  1. Gosh Pooh bear have you been putting on your holiday weight already? lets hope your all very well behaved ready for Samta Paws to return on the 24th! x

  2. I'm glad at least one of you has the willpower to resist trying to guess - good for you Wilbear!
    Alison x


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