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Monday, 24 December 2012

December Bloggerations Day 24 (we made it) - Bear Mail

Hello there, yay, the bears achieved their one post every day in December up to Christmas Eve, it was a bit last minute at times, and there were occasions where the bears were so busy peering out the window to see if Santa was on his way yet that we wondered if we'd ever manage to write a post, let alone actually upload it!

We've had such fun sharing December with all our wonderful followers and would like to thank you all for your support and comments over the year. This blog was started as a little bit of madness and the need to occupy ourselves with something a little bit different. We never thought that we would be lucky enough to gain some human friends along the way, and we love how you all join in with our furry brand of madness.

The bears are even getting their own mail now, here's a card from our summer visitor, Henry Bear.

Here's wishing a Happy, safe, pain free, fun filled, furry, peaceful Christmas to all of our lovely followers, we've enjoyed all your comments over the year.
With love from the bears.

PS, will there be a bonus post from a special red- suited bear later when all the other bears are tucked up in bed? You'll have to be extra good if you want to read one...........


  1. I have enjoyed following you along immensely. I do hope you have a very 'Beary' Christmas :-D xxxx

  2. Hey bears - congratulations on making it to Christmas Eve with your daily blogging - I've loved the glimpses of your Christmas preparations... Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and get your paws on all the crafty stash and gifts your furry hearts desire!! See you on the other side...
    Alison xx


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