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Sunday, 16 December 2012

December Bloggerations Day 16 - Santa Makes Reindeer Noses

Ho ho hello. Santa here with you today to share some of my Christmas makes. You thought the elves were the hard workers at the North Pole didn't you? Well here's the evidence to the contrary

Today I'm making some sweet gifts for good bears - Reindeer Noses. I'd seen various versions of these on the Internet, and thought that as Santa is a little strapped for cash this year, what with the cost of heating the North Pole and feeding all of my resident reindeer and elves, paw made gifts should be the order of the day.

First, I needed a box of Maltesers, it's always best to test one or two, for quality control purposes of course!!!

Also, I bought these fab Rudolph noses, chocolate covered in a red shell, please note, no Rudolphs were harmed in the collection of these noses.

I filled small cellophane bags with 8 Maltesers, and one red chocolate, to represent my eight natural coloured nosed reindeer, and Rudolph's special shiny red nose.

To make labels for the bags, I used the Cuttlebug and some Spellbinders frames.

I folded the frames in half, and added a lighter colour, smaller frame on top of the large frame.

I then used Spellbinders circle dies and some Reindeer embellishments to make these rather cute toppers.

I stapled the tops of the cellophane bags to ensure the sweets didn't escape.

I added double sided tape to the inside of the labels

And adhered these to the tops of my stapled sweet bags, along with a small 'reindeer noses' title, just so the bears know what Santa has made them!

Here is my finished gift.

Do you think the bears will like them? Why don't you make some as stocking fillers for your cubs or friends? They're a cheap and fun present.

With love from the bears.


  1. What a fantastic and simple idea. Will remember that one for next year (run out of festive energy now!). Ali x

  2. EXCELLENT - what a fabbo idea and so beautifully packaged :-D I did wonder first of all about the Maltezers !!!! Very much like what comes out of the other end of the reindeer LoL xxxxxxx

    1. Ah, there's an idea for next year's gifts for naughty bears, lol

  3. Love these may even make some myself!

  4. Brilliant, "Santa"... and congratulations on leaving enough Maltesers for everyone else - I find them hopelessly more-ish... Fab idea to do the eight + one Rudolf nose, and your gift packaging is splendid!
    Alison xx


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