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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Gelli Canvas Prints

Hello there, Pooh here. Podgy offered me a play with his Gelli plate birthday present. I was almost bursting out of my onesie with excitement at the thought!

I decided to try something a little different, so collected a canvas from the bears' veritable stash. First I blobbed some camouflage colours onto the Gelli plate and brayered away.

Then I took a huge piece of bubble wrap, and pressed it into the paint.

When I removed the bubble wrap, I had a surplus of paint left on it and, keen not to waste it. I pressed it onto a spare piece of card in a very satisfying way. You should have heard the popping explosion - Podgy almost rocketed out of bed!!

Here's the paper bubble print.

Working quickly to make sure my painted Gelli plate didn't dry. I placed my canvas directly onto the plate. I worried My paws wouldn't apply even pressure to the canvas, and as I wanted to ensure an equal spread of paint, I came up with an innovative solution to my conundrum....

Ooh, Gelli canvas, how furbulous is that? I'll have to ask Wilbear to take us on a bears outing to Duxford War Museum, so we can get some military themed photos.

Of course, once I'd started on the Gelli printing, I got a little carried away, addicted? Me? Sorry, can't answer that, too busy Gelli printing!!!!

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  1. Oh, they are cool Podge - I really like the one on bottom right that looks like leaves or a green Zebra :-D The bubble wrap looks like lizard skins doesn't it ? Great job
    IKE xxxx

    1. Ooops - so sorry... I mean POOH :-( xxxxxx

    2. Tsk, as if Podgy's head is not big enough already without other bears being mistaken for him. He'll be un'bear'able now!

  2. Nice to see you Pooh, love your methods of getting even pressure. Very clever for a bear of little brain.

  3. Love your camouflage prints, and I bet you roll more effectively than my brayer (I could only get hold of a silly 2 and half inch one here in CZ... doesn't exactly make life easy!!)...
    Alison x


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