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Friday, 17 May 2013

K is for....

Hello there, Podgy here with you today, I voted myself creator of the alpha page for the challenge over at The Craft Barn.

The chosen letter this fortnight is K, and due to our inadvertent theme of using only words that translate to the same in both languages, I had only 2 words to choose from: Ketchup and Karate (it's a mini dictionary!) I wanted to use karate as my word, but the other bears said that was a little narcissistic of me, and refused to take a picture of me posing in my suit. I think they realised I'm just far too gorgeous and were jealous!!!

Anyway, that left me with one word - ketchup, so after an Internet search for suitable images, I began creating. First I cut a picnic blanket from our
Spellbinders Nestabilities die

Ooh, how picnicky!

Next, I dabbed Picket Fence distress stain over the dictionary pages to dull the other words.

I selected the only red distress stain we have

Covered my ketchup word

And began a splatathon, ooh how cathartic. If you wish to release some frustration I recommend it, just bash the stain onto the page, hard!

I added some letters, in red of course, to complete the page. I circled the chosen word and definition, to make sure it was obvious on the page.

I then added a ketchupy kind of word.

Here's a close up, this was fun, even if I didn't get to feature in the actual dictionary.

With love from the bears


  1. It was also quite fun to follow along with your process here! The inevitable ketchup stain! Everybody gets one!

  2. Oh that looked like fun! Cool page.
    Haven't started mine yet...
    BTW, I can't believe the poll - pick a favourite bear??! How would one pick?!

  3. :D How cool, such a great idea.

  4. Visiting from The Craft Barn - Lol, this is wonderful and clever and funny and waay too cute! :0)

  5. What great fun you've had today....love the ketchup splats!!

  6. great job Podgy sounds like you had a good time making it too. Bet it made you hungry for a snakc too eh


  7. Oh how I love how you choose your words and then the limited selection you get and then how you manage to illustrate such a difficult word. Well done on all the splatting. BJ

  8. Oh how I love how you choose your words and then the limited selection and then how you manage to illustrate such a difficult word so wonderfully, great splatting BJ

  9. Well I had THREE goes and the internet went all iffy, but looks like 2 came through in the end - LOL

  10. Now I am hungry.... seems you had a lot of fun creating this page!!! And your colour combo is soooo clever! Very effective! Have to go get some food now....

    die amelie x

  11. Great page love the splats of Ketchup!


  12. Now this is fun and sooooo original!!

  13. Oh such clever pages...love your inky (ketchup) splodges... :)

  14. Very creative Podgy, love your choice of word and the way you've portrayed it;)
    Val x

  15. Love this, Podgy - you've got to splat Ketchup - it's the only way!!
    Alison x

  16. great word and lovely pages to illustrate it xx Annie

  17. Fabulous ketchup slodges, great page podgy.

    Sylv xx

  18. Hi Podgy - great ketchup pages - love your splatty background! MMx

  19. I was not expecting this one for K.
    Thanks for playing with us at the Craft Barn

  20. Your Ketchup page is so Kool and Kreative - love it, although a bit disappointed as was expecting the real stuff splattered somewhere..he he.. love that picked raspberry distress ink, going to add that to my wanted list now...Gill xxx


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