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Friday, 31 May 2013

The bears challenge end

Hello there, well our challenge is at an end and we'd like to say thank you to everyone who entered, what fun we had looking at your artwork, we were impressed that two of you managed not just one but two entries, wow. have a look at all the fabulous entries

Heather's entry

Ike's First entry

Lauren's first entry

Lauren's second entry

ike's second entry

AJ's entry

Ali Wade's entry

Maureen's entry

Aren't they all fabulous. We love every one's art work and would like to thank you all for joining in the fun with us.

Pooh was a little bit naughty and sneaked in a challenge entry of his own here

Now it's over to Horace, for the bear's entry.

Hello there dear friends. Remember my previous WOYWW showing the start of our April/ May challenge page?

Well here's how I made it. First I blobbed some blue and white acrylic paints directly onto my journal pages.

Then closed the book, and brayered over to spread the paint. Be warned if you try this, the paint will squeeze out of the sides of the journal, so it's best to start by adding kitchen roll underneath the page you close onto, and make sure you have nothing on the page you are brayering onto, as this will be covered in paint, as you can see.

Another tip (which I didn't follow) is to Gesso the blank journal before starting, it seems to give you a little longer at the brayering closed pages stage, when I tried to open mine, it was partly stuck, oops.

Yet another tip is don't look too closely at your work, or you may end up a little painty!!!!

Eventually, after a few mishaps, and a blue snout incident, I produced this

As you may remember, we were using quotes this month, and I chose 'I am lonely sometimes, but I dare say it's good for me'. This quote sums up how I feel sometimes, despite sharing the bungalow with the other bears. I guess I'm a bit of a solitary bear at times, and having an artistic soul makes me feel a little blue (especially my poor snout when I lean into my journal!!!!)

Come back tomorrow for our June challenge.

With love from the bears.


  1. Oh Horace, dont worry about the snouty paint problem all great artists are messy at times. Love the page and look forward to hearing about your new challenge tomorrow

    Gill x

  2. That's a very stormy looking page! What a wonderful way to get such a dramatic effect.

  3. Thanks so much for putting my link in!! I think I was writing my post for my entry at the same time you were writing this post!! almost missed it! THanks so much! Mo xxx


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