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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Podgy's Wishy Washy way

Hola from the panda you all love! Horace et al are in bed with bear flu, so I thought I'd amuse myself by trying a technique from this month's Craft Stamper magazine - making your own washi style tape.

I selected some background stamps and some distress inks, and tried a new stamping technique.... Oh okay, I fell asleep, but it was an effective technique nonetheless.

I stamped up a cool and funky background - actually, you could use this as is for a journal background, but, having started my washi project, I thought I shouldn't be wishy washi over my original intentions!!

I cut my patterned card into strips.

Then inked the edges with distress inks. The magazine article suggests backing your strips with double sided tape, but I used Pritt stick to glue them onto a blank card.

Coolness! Gosh, I am soo clever!!

Ahem, I mean, what a clever technique! I added one of our previously made toppers and a sentiment to match...

Now I just need to pawposely forget someone's birthday so I have a reason to send the card.

I had an abundance of strips leftover, and a blue 'mop up' background in my journal, so I put them together

With a stamp or two - Alice in Wonderland, a pretty flower, and a flying fish or two - also adding some text from Alice in Wonderland
' Would you tell me please, which way I ought to go from here?'
'That depends a good deal on where you want to get to' said the cat.
'I don't much care where' said Alice
'Then it doesn't matter which way you go' said the cat.

I printed a directional signpost I found on the Internet to finish off my page. Here's a close up.


  1. Wishy Washy tape! What a hoot. My fave is the Alice page (well it would be, wouldn't it?) with the tape crissy crossying to echo her uncertainty as to which way to go. Well done Podgy Wodgy. :D

  2. Another great technique tutorial - I love the page too... so much depth in that deep green background, and the tapes look great against it!
    Alison x

  3. Oooooh fabulous - great pages and I love your Wishy Washy tape. You are such a clever Guy. :-D
    IKE xxxx

  4. Now that is a brilliant technique and one I could do digitally. Thank you for sharing your fabulous work. I often feel like falling asleep at my desk! Ali x

  5. is there no end to you bears talent, what a great project love the backing paper that you made for this it worked so well

  6. I just love your 'how to' posts, those strips came out so well. You can send the card to me if you like my birthday was in Feb, thats a very belated time. ;-D

    Gill x

    1. Or would it be so late that it could be called early for your next birthday? :)

  7. Yo Podgy! What a fab tutorial.Thank yuo. Hope the other bears are better soon.
    Sue x

  8. That's brilliant Podgy Bear!!
    C xx


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