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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Gelli on a Bag

Yo yo bear blog followers. It's the Podge here, I've been playing with the Gelli plate today, it's such fun.

I pressed a bottle cap into the painted plate, for a groovesome effect.

In our cupboard of plenty we had a stash of paper bags, which we'd been meaning to make into a paper bag book, I thought it was time to use some. This is the first one pressed into the plate.

I then decided to try a masking technique I'd seen on various Internet pages. First, I inked up a stamp

And did the usual bear style stamping,

Onto a post-it note.

I cut post it note image out and then stamped the image directly onto the paper bag, then added the mask over the top.

I pressed the masked bag onto my painted Gelli plate.

When the mask was removed, it left a perfect, unspoilt impression of the stamp.

The next step was probably the most important for a bear as important as me - posing beside my Gelli bags!

I decided my book would be full of quotes, and found these letters to fix to the first page.

Using a hole punch and book rings, I fashioned the bags into a book, just like magic, what a clever bear I am!

Now to find some quotes, I wonder if there are any about gorgeous, clever bears?


  1. Love your page, Podgy - lots of fab techniques... especially love that you've bound the Gelli bags into a book - very cool!
    Alison x

  2. that Gelli plate comes in handy for so many things, lovely page Podgy.

    Gill x

  3. Yo Podge - you could always make up a poem about yourself, being as cool as you are! Beary clever techniques there - lovely colours! x

  4. Love that masking technique, Podgerooney. I was surprised at just how many bear quotes there are. Do a Podgy Google and you'll see loads.


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