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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

50 followers! We are not worthy candy WITH UPDATED CANDY

This post should remain as a sticky until July 17th so please scroll down for more recent posts. Alternatively, to view the blog candy, carry on reading. :)
 Wow, we reached 50 followers without even realising! We were keeping a keen furry eye on our follower count as we noted we were at 48 lovely people. But next time we looked the number had crept silently up to 50, and when we looked just now we had reached the very grand total of 51. We never expected, on staging a coup and claiming the blog from the human under the bed (hereafter knowm as THUTB, that people would enjoy our exploits, let alone take the time to leave such lovely comments. We are so grateful to all of you who take time to read and comment, it makes blogging so much more fun knowing we're making furry (and human) friends along the way. Even better that sometimes people say we have inspired them.

Through searching blogs ourselves, and through our lovely followers, we've found so much inspiration and friendship online. we've learnt lots of new techniques, found several great challenge blogs, plus we get the chance to look at the amazing art from the bloggers that we follow, so many talented people have inspired us to try and expand our art from just using inks and sprays, to trying paints and textures and just being a little more exbearimental, and we've had such fun learning from you all.

We had always thought to offer some blog candy on reaching 50 followers as a big THANK YOU to all of you, so we've had a little sort through our meagre stash to see what we can offer. Now as you may know, the HUTB donated or sold almost all of the craft stash when she first became unwell, so we don't have an innordinate amount to offer, and of course we didn't want to scrabble around and offer tat, but we have slowly been building up our stash again, and together we came up with the following...

A bag of mostly pastel ribbon

A canvas with easel for you to decorate

A box of oil pastels to have a play with

and as Blogger and Blogpress are having a hissy fit and not letting us upload any more photos, we will just tell you the other two items, a pack of A6 textured card in brown and yellow, and a pack of Papermania stickers. Oh, Podgy says he wants to throw in a bonus candy, of his elevenses snack - a Penguin! Now knowing Pogdy this will end up as a chocolate wrapper rather than the real thing, but he insists we offer it anyway.

So, what do you need to do to win this candy? Well definitely don't become a follower just because, but if you like what you read, and would like to follow us, well that would be lovely, and welcome aboard. All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is to leave a comment on this post, BUT, not just any comment, oh no, along with whatever you decide to write, you MUST leave a bear fact... Remember our last giveaway? We said you must write a 'fact' about bears, and we had such fun reading your 'facts', we decided we wanted more. Your 'fact' can be true or not, it can be as sensible or insane as you wish, but you MUST present it as a fact about bears and try to convince us of its authenticity. 

We look forward to reading all your facts, we'll try and work out how to sticky this post so it stays at the top of our blog. A comment will be chosen either at random, or names out of the hat, and to be eligible please post your amazing fact by 9pm on 17th July. The candy is open to all, friends, family, bears and humans.

BREAKING NEWS - Podgy says you could copy the photo and share our good news, and he may add another snack in to the prize pile!!! WOW!

Even more breaking news, not to be outdone by Podgy's generous snack offer, Horace has found more blog candy to offer....

A sheet of Cut n dry foam, as with all the other candy, it's brand new in the pack. Horace says spread the word!

Wilbear thinks this is all getting rather competitive! Whatever next!

With love from the bears


  1. Congratulations on reaching 50 followers! You really have a great blog.
    My fact is, Bears have been known to eat almost anything, including snowmobile seats, engine oil, and rubber boots.

  2. Very many congratumalations Bears!

    **looks in Interesting Facts about Bears book** Ok. Artist Sebastian Errazuriz made a coat out of teddy bears in 2009. Oh yes he did!!

  3. Oh, congratulations bears - and a well-deserved half-century too! Hmm... well, I have to really, don't I?... Shakespeare's theatre company may well have used an actual bear from the Bear Garden - the bear-baiting pit just along the South Bank from the Globe - to fulfil one of the most famous stage directions in his work: "Exit pursued by a bear", in A Winter's Tale.
    So glad there's no bear-baiting round here now... bear-creating, yes!
    Alison x

  4. CONGRATS on reaching this milestone. I am sure now that you will race on to your Century :-D

    Did you know that Koala 'Bears' are not actually bears at all ?!! They are marsupials and feed exclusively on eucalyptus leaves. However, having planted 3 of these trees in my garden, I have so far failed to attract one !!!
    Please - oh, Wise Ones - enlighten me as to where I might be going wrong ??!!!

    Your ardent Follower
    IKE xxxxxx

    p.s. Spectacled Bears get theirs from SpecSavers :-D

  5. Congratulations to all the bears for reaching 50 followers - and slowly taking over the bear bloggy world! My bear fact is - Only the polar bear is a true carnivore. All other bears are omnivores, or animals that eat both plants and meat.
    I hope you bears enjoy a bit of salad with your meals??! Ali x

  6. Yo bears! Congratulations on your half century. :o)

    Bet you didn't know I have over 400 Ty bears?

    Sue x

  7. Oh well done. a milestone indeed.
    Did you know that polar bear fur is actually transparent, and only looks white because it's surrounded by snow?

  8. Hello Bears! Congratulations on your half-century plus! Just to tell you that the bears in my Bear Cavern are definitely NOT omnivores, they are fruitarians - they have apples, bananas, water melon, oranges at their disposal.

    If you keep an eye on my blog (which I know you do because you are all such good commentators) I will try and post a photo soon.

    In the meantime lots of luck.....

  9. Hi Bears - always a fun highlight of my day to read your blog !

    In British Columbia they tell you to hang any food in a bag in a tree if you are camping in the forest - so the bears don't come marauding into your tent in the night looking for a snack !!

    Well bears - are you guilty of hunting out late night snacks !! Ali xx

    1. As if we would - must dash, snacks to forage for, tee hee!

  10. Congrats, Bears! Well done!

    This milestone definitely needs to be celebrated and as it is well known that bears love to party in general, this comes as no surprise to me.

    But did you also know that Pooh would not have got stuck in Rabbit's hole then, had he only followed the old (and over generations of bears) traded fashion of rubbing themselves on with loads of olive oil before exploring any narrow openings? Well, maybe it is of some comfort to know that some (rather philosophical than hunt oriented) grizzlies in Alaska did that too and afterwards went fishing all oiled in - and due to their paws being so slippery they didn't catch any salmon?

    Rumour has it, that one of the aforesaid grizzlies was shot by a bear hunter and grilled immediately after, because he was already well marinated. There even was enough olive oil in the bear's furr to prepare a salad as a side dish!

    Enough inside stories told! Congrats once again and go on creating your o-bear-whelming stuff!

    die amelie x

  11. Thank you - I snitched the photo and gave you a 'shout' on my Blog :-D xxxx

  12. Congratulations bears it's always a pleasure stopping by to see what you're up to.sshhh! Don't tell anyone but I've heard that Mr Pooh eats his peas with honey! X

  13. Hello! I am a new follower...
    Congrats on your 50+ followers!
    Do you know that although there is a lot of ice, there aren't polar bears in the Antartic? The only white bears in the South you can find them in zoo parks.
    Ardilla :)

  14. wow congrats on the followers! I totally thought I started following you after I saw your "bee happy" submission to Smudgy antics...we'll I'm glad I cam back to see! what lovely candy you have up for grabs here! your bears are so kind! and the only bear fact I know is that the name Teddy Bear came from the US president Theodore "teddy" Roosevelt after he wouldn't kill a bear cub on a hunting trip...not very unique I know but hey its a fact...I think :) I'm going to put your pic on my sidebar.

  15. shared your candy on my sidebar too now! And did you know by the way that bears - like dogs - cannot see the colour red?

    die amelie x

  16. 54 followers today, you are very popular bears.

    I am sure you already know that bears are just like farmers. They spread seeds everywhere they go--adds a whole new meaning to the name Pooh Bear.

    Lotsa hugs Chrissie xx

  17. Dear Bears: I have enjoyed following your blog ever since my son's bear, Fudga (yes, that's right) snuck out one night and left it up and running on my laptop. So that's my fact for the day - Female bears (like Fudga) are insomniacs!

    I can Bearly stand it!


  18. Wonderful blog and wonderful candy!
    So my facts about bears: unlike many other mammals, bears can see in color and stomach of the polar bear’s can hold 65 kg of meat. Amazing!

  19. Wow, what generous little bears you are, your exploits deserve many more followers, you always make me smile.
    C xx

  20. Well hello you guys well done on reaching 51 followers I can tell you that you have now gone up to 52!
    What a lot of lovely blog candy you have there for giving away.
    Well I have left my comment, followed you, and now for my bear fact - I have three little people that sleep on my bed Roo, white ted and rufus my dog

  21. Congrats to you all on reaching more than 50 followers and lovely of you to offer blog candy too. Message from Tedlitz and Tommy to say not to include us as we were so lucky to win lovely goodies from you before, but I wanted just to add another bear fact.
    Besides bears giving us humans lovely hugs when we feel a bit down, to make us feel better they can also do 'mind melds' a bit like Vulcans in Star Trek, but without the big pointy ears and probably not so painful as you do it nose to nose and it always make me go crossed eyed and laugh... Gill xx

  22. Having followers is so much fun, and I have been keeping an eye on your bears.
    My bear fact: Bears have been known to lick the ink and paint off their paws before wiping them on their pjs!

  23. My dog Sooty has a Pooh Bear, it is his favourite toy, it had to have an operation and has one short arm, but he has had it since he was a puppy, brought it with him to us at 10 months old and still has it at 8 years old! Sooty always brings Pooh to greet people who come in, and he brings Pooh to bed with him - our bed!

  24. Congratulations bears on your 50 followers, I remember when you first started (took over) the blog! I am so proud :)
    My bear fact did you know that all polar bears are left handed, or should that be left pawed?

    Please don't enter me as that would be unfair xx

  25. Congrats on reaching 58 followers! (now) :) I so enjoy my Wednesday snoops never knowing what snacks I might encounter. Please do try to save some for your visitors guys. Well now, my bear fact...... How does a bear cross the highway? He takes the 'underground' , of course! At least in central Florida they do! We have very smart bears here....might they be related? Hugs!

  26. Congratulations on 60 followers!
    Winnie the Pooh was very wise - one of my favourites sayings of his is ' You can't stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes'

  27. Congrats on your 60 followers. Why are bears called bears? Because they always have bare feet? Or because they can bear a lot, especially measured in honey pots? Or because they are beary nice cuddly toys? Valerie


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