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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

WOYWW - we're taking an art class

Hola peeps. Who stole July? It's gone so quickly hasn't it? Still, if the weeks pass quickly it means it doesn't seem too long between WOYWW, peeks. if you haven't a clue what the acronym means then why not? Tsk, look here for an addictive way to pass time and find some really fabulous crafty blogs.

Horace has spent most of July sitting in the garden indulging in his new hobby of sketching. Yesterday evening he decided to look at a free online course for drawing over at This blog. How fabulous that people give up their time for free to help those who want to learn a new skill. Tam guides this course and offers some great tips.

Here's a shot Horace took mid lesson, just as he'd started to paint his picture. What a lovely mess eh? Now do you all believe the bears can get messy? Horace spilled all his acrylics onto the desk so he could paw through them easily. He also got the watercolour crayons out, even though he's not intending to use them!

The ipad is balancing on top of the Cricut, not ideal really, we need a hutch for the desk. Can you see the messy palette pad to the left? It's full of splodges from last week's portrait painting session. Do you think Horace is ever so slightly addicted to this drawing lark? Talking of which, he wants to continue with his project, once we've hopped to a few desks that is.
With love from the bears


  1. Hi Bears! Horace is obviously taking to this drawing lark like a bear to honey. I'm bookmarking your link - I'd love to learn how to draw. Have a happy sketchy week. MMx #42

  2. Hello Bears - glad to see Horace is doing something productive... even if a little messy :-D Thanks for the link to that site - I am going off to have a browse :-)
    Have a lovely day x

    Happy WOYWW

    IKE in Greece #58

  3. Well, I think Horace is an extremely talented bear. There's no harm in the mess as long as Mummy is prepared to clear up after them lol! I think Winston and Edwina would like to go on an art course... I don't know what will happen when I let them loose in my new ARTHaven!!

    I'm glad work desks full of air qualify for WOYWW! It won't be long before I make a real mess again, just like before. Our anticipated moving date is Tues. 27th Aug. but there's a huge amount to do before and after that, and I haven't a clue when I shall have the time or energy to start using my new ARTHaven! It will be fun putting all the stuff in, though.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #66

  4. Nice. But what does it say about my drawing abilities when even a BEAR can draw better than me? LOL!

    And yes, you do need a 2nd tier for your desk - when all the wall space and desk space is full there is nowhere to go but UP! Horace needs a stepstool....

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (17)

  5. What talented bears you have there! I can't draw for toffee. I tidied up my desk the other day in 25degree heat cos was pressed for time. Really daft idea! I love your sketches.
    Have a happy week
    Lynda B #43

  6. Hope Horace has got back to his painting and drawing by now. Don't be too hard on him, I have just had to wash my second piece of clothing because I got paint all over it. Adult people can be messy too.
    Thanks for sharing and for visiting me earlier.
    Neet xxx 19

  7. When desk top becomes too small, always go UP!! That's my philosophy anyway...LOL Drawing classes are always a good idea, but then I was an art student all the way through high school, and some college courses. I really don't draw all that much anymore, or paint. Just having too much fun with stamps and pretty paper...LOL
    Krisha #108

  8. Well done Horrace, I spend all my time trying to draw faces too. There are plenty of resorces out there I did a blog post about all mine last week if you need anymore, its called 'Inspiration' has details of the youtube channels and artists I have learnt from, some also give time for free like Tam.

    Lynda #59

  9. I'm with MaryAnne- the bears are much better at drawing than me! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz xx #22

  10. I agree, the bears do great - better ask for some lessons! Have a good week. Helen 6

  11. How fantastic... keep up the excellent work, Horace, and enjoy the class.
    Alison x

  12. Hi Horace great to see you sketching away there! Do show us when it is finished! Ali #101

  13. If Horace keeps up all this practice, he'll be a true artist in no time. I love that portrait in the picture! Careful with the ipad, though: accidents do happen. I managed to get acrylic paint over my laptop lid, so bears take care! Thank you for your visit. Don't be too scared of my dragon, he secretly rather likes bears and would not dream of singeing your fur! Julie Ann xx

  14. Horace, I always say the messier you are the more creative you are and boy are you creative. It's excellent that you are taking lessons, I am taking lessons too. Keep up your excellent work, get as messy as you like and enjoy your self.
    Have a great week.
    Von #34

  15. LOL @ Horace making a mess with his art supplies... but he still produces a better portrait than I can! :) Annette #1 for the first time in 4 years!

  16. I had to laugh at Horace. He's one talented bear, that's for sure. And he can draw a LOT better than I. I can't draw anything but flies (grin). Happy belated WOYWW from #2.

  17. Nice sketching H!

  18. busy with the painting and drawing I see, great that you found a free course to do as well. Thanks for visiting my post-hols desk BJ#120

  19. Ipads are great to relaying the art that someone out there in cyber land is happy to share, such great devices. Horace sure is getting good with the pictures, I'm jealous.

    Give all the bears a hug for us.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 52

  20. Great view of the desk...makes your walls look incredibly high! I'm a bit similar with new techniques etc - all or nothing, so hope you continue to enjoy the sketching course..it's looking great.

  21. What a busy week you have had and I love Horace's drawing and he will love Tam's courses over at Willowing. I actually had never really drawn and took one of her free courses with included drawing a basic face and fell in love. I am this year doing her LifeBook Class which involves a lesson for every week of the year and over 30 different teachers. Its fabulous. Hope you have a great week! Happy WOYWW! (very late one) Danie #25

  22. belated woyww wishes and what a talented bear indeed hope the painting classes go well looks fab and yes not sure about the balancing ipad! have happy weekend Andrea#32

  23. What a very clever bear. Drawing is a real skill and I would love to improve mine. I have only just gone back to sketching this year, having been put off by rotten art teaching at school. Hope Horace and all the others have a very good week. xx Maggie #48

  24. Very good Horace! So what are the other bears up to? Visiting the Deskers whilst Horace has a play? Stop y I'll get out some chocolate. :) Oops too late you's already popped by...next time I'll be better prepared. Thanks for the earlier visit on the actual day! a late Happy WOYWW! Nan G #75


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