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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

WOYWW - New Pawchases

Wednesday again? Goodness, and over halfway through the year now too, soon be Christmas!! Well, as it's Wednesday that must mean it's time for another WOYWW. What on earth does that stand for? I hear you ask, well look right here to see.

This week there's a mix of happy mail on the bears' desk. We seem to be collecting new pawchases. Whenever we buy new stash we always like to leave in on the desk until we have a little play with it. To the back, leaning against the Cricut, is a Papermaze June kit that we still haven't got around to playing with, although it has been opened and admired several times. These kits are only £10 and are stuffed full of stashy goodness each month. We love them.

Also on the desk are our new pots of Golden Gel medium and glass bead gel. We've been covetting these for a while and were very happy to receive an order from Artist Trading Post including these two.

You can see some foam alpha stamps, which are new pawchases from ebear. We used to have no end of these, but donated them in our grand clear out. Now we art journal we felt the need for more. Good old ebear eh?

You'll see we've kept all the packaging from our Artist Trading Post order, how kind of them to include some free bubble wrap for us to use on our art journal.

Finally (did we hear a collective sigh there?) we have the large art journal open ready for a play session, to the right of that are a stack of Craft Stamper magazines, all post it noted for inspiration. Oh, and you can see the ipad, we're listening to tunes as we play.

We're off for a nose to see what's on your workspace, see you next week.
With love from the bears


  1. I love the pawchases - I'm rather jealous! Golden gel medium - I was reading about that the other day. It sounds as if you're about to do some beary, serious crafting with that! Have a lovely WOYWW! Bear hugs Julie Ann #55

  2. Fab stuff on your desk and described so well in your posting. Good luck with the bubbnle wrap in your journal - fun stuff to use.
    Hugs, neet 9 xx

  3. Ooooh - lovely new pawchases and can't wait to see the next art journal creation :-) Still waiting for some inspiration to try one myself....too chicken I guess :-(

    Happy WOYWW

    IKE xx #93

  4. Humm, just saw the glass bead medium demoed so very much looking forward to when you get your paws into that....Make sure you share!

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (56)

  5. The kits from paper maze are very good and very good value I have bought them from them
    Jackie 15

  6. Hello again Bears :-)
    In answer to your question - it is..........

    χαριτωμένο γούνινο αρκουδάκι

    We use αρκουδάκι in this case because we mean 'small' bears, which is what the 'άκι' indicates.

    There you go :-D

    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Lucky bears! Interesting new goodies there.

  8. Oh Bears, how can you stand to have blank journal pages with all those goodies just screaming to be played with?
    Krisha #5

  9. Oh bother your blog is the type to loose comments if we click on the photo! Never mind, great goodies and hope you get the The Works soon. Thanks for visiting me already BJ#36

  10. Awesome stash on the desk, bears. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz xx #51

  11. Looks like you're getting ready for some serious fun =).
    Happy WOYWW and I wish you a wonderful week.
    xx Monique #106

  12. Hello you naughty bears - I'm a bit cross about my pound sign you know, it's making life very difficult! :0) have a great week with your lovely new goodies and thanks for your visit - but remember - I'm watching you! MMx #59

  13. Am sure by now you've all had a great play day... Helen,17

  14. I really hope you will get some playtime soon. It is too bad if those pages would stay blank for very long! Uniflame - 85

  15. Hi Bears - thanks for stopping by - that lovely empty journal pages looks like it is pining for you to get your creative paws on it !! Ali x #49

  16. Oh bears, I can't see a photo, but it sounds as if you have lots of new things to keep you busy!

    (So sorry to hear your first attempt at bookbinding didn't go beary well!)

    Thank you for visiting me this WOYWW, I appreciate your comment!

    delighted to be #26 this week, instead of my usual 200--something!

  17. (Oh well now, there that photo is, the compy was just being slow!)

  18. Such bearsome goodies have fun playing . Anne x #50

  19. i do love a desk full of stashy goodness, will await your new journal page being created there with glee

    Gill x

  20. Fabulous pawchases... looking forward to seeing the results of playtime!
    Alison x

  21. Hello the bears! Sorry I am running late...the pawchases are excellent and I can't wait to see what you do with the journal. Thanks for sharing and happy belated WOYWW. Caro x (#71)


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