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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

And now for the letter T

Hello there subjects, yes, that's right, now that the royal bearby is here I have changed my name to Georgie Podgy, but you can call me your highness. I've deigned to give you a moment of my precious time to show you my page for the alpha challenge over at Craft Barn.

Thos fortnight the chosen letter is T, we had a fair selection of words to choose from our French / English dictionary, being that we set ourselves the extra challenge of only using words that are the same in both English and French. I decided to use the word triple. Why? I have no idea, so why not.

I already had a green stained right hand page next to my designated page, so my colour scheme was chosen for me - greenish! With that in mind I dug out my distress stains ( you know, they always seem quite happy to be used, never in distress at all)

Remember the alcohol and distress ink exbeariments Horace tried a little while back? I thought I'd utilise those for my project

Along with our fabulous Stampotique monster stamp

Which I stamped in the bears' inimitable way

I thought I'd make use of these thickers, as they fit in with my colour scheme.

And I look rather fetching in them!!!

After I'd finished decorating myself, I finished the alpha page.

I suppose you want a picture of the page on its own? No idea why as it looks far better with me in it!

With love from the bears


  1. Fantastic page, love all the bright colours. And the baby is 3rd in line to the throne that's a triple isn't it? BJ

  2. So funny - love your stamping technique!! Great idea to do three colours and three monsters!

  3. Not easy to type and curtsy but I am dong my best

    Great page! You are just too clever you bears. Love the idea of choosing 'triple' as your word- lots of great colours and a very special image.

    Have a nice weekend

    Love Chrissie x

  4. T is also for Terrific - terrific work! Funny word that, not 'that' but 'terrific' as its like terrify - and I wouldn't want to meet that monster on a dark night - nor probably in the daylight LOL. T is also for T-shirt - thats cool - great words - very modest ....mmmmm.... have a great weekend xxx p.s T is also for throne which no doubt you'll be sitting on quite a lot now :)

  5. A brilliant page - I love your trio of colourful monsters, and your new t-shirt slogan is pretty cool too, Podgy!
    Alison x

  6. I always smile when I stop by the bears blog :)
    Lovely page

  7. What a beary interesting choice of word! Love the strong colours and - by the way - that 'T' shirt is 'T' for trendy! Always enjoy a visit to the 'House of Bears' and this is a great contribution to the Challenge. Thanks for sharing, your Highness! Julie Ann x

  8. You bears never fail to put a smile on my face!! The stamping technique is hilarious, and I love your monster trio page!!! Well done Georgie podgy !!! :)

  9. GORGEOUS, I really love your page.

  10. Good morning Your Highness! Great pages and another happy post. LOVE your T shirt Podgy - made me LOL! Got to get me that monster stamp (LOVE your stamping technique BTW - didn't realise you had such a fluffy bottom). MMx

  11. Terrific pages, love the triple monsters, well done that bear.

    Sylv xxx

  12. Great page again this time! I love how colourful your monsters are. Well done Podgy! Love Claire x

  13. Great choice of word and interpretation
    Thanks for playing with us at the Craft Barn,


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